World Integrated Medicine Forum on The Regulations of Homeopathic Medicinal Products,Advancing Global Collaborations – Goa India

World Integrated Medicine Forum onThe Regulations of Homeopathic Medicinal Products;
Advancing Global Collaborations

23-25 January, 2019 | Goa, India

This unique Forum will bring together key global stakeholders involved in implementing and shaping the regulation of homeopathic medicinal products.

World Integrated Medicine Forum, an international event organised by CCRH, a body of AYUSH Ministry, Govt of India. 

Supported by Homoeopathic Pharmacopea of United States, European Coalition on Homoeopathic and Arthroscophic Medicinal products 

It is interesting to note that the regulators, pharmacopoeia representatives, scientists, academicians, pharma, professional bodies, doctors, vets, etc. from many countries are going to share challenges, opportunities and solutions. Representatives of of several Pharmacopoeia bodies across the world would be coming probably for the first time to India for such a forum. 

Key stakeholders and opinion leaders who will be invited to attend:

  • Regulators from all over the world
  • Homeopathic pharmaceutical companies worldwide
  • Pharmacopoeia Committee delegates from various countries
  • Scientific experts with relevant expertise
  • Presidents of major homeopathic doctor organizations

This will be a good opportunity for sharing, learning, discussing and deriving Regulation roadmap for future.

High level, strategic discussion on themes affecting the delivery, availability and development of evidence based Traditional and Integrated Medicine systems

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  1. Whether allowing Manufacturers to prepare and market a large number of patents labelled as Homoeopathic Medicine, is as per tenants of Homoeopathy.

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