Win a prize! Complete Dynamics announced Master Edition

Complete DynamicsComplete Dynamics reached the impressive milestone of 500.000 users!

To share their  excitement with you, this weekend we will give you 40% discount on a 3 year license.

Now only 159 Euro! Only this weekend! No exceptions! Only Saturday and Sunday! Don’t email us after this weekend, please…

Pre announcing the new Master Edition

For some time they have silently been working on a new program edition, the Master Edition.

This new Edition will contain some very interesting extensions to the successful Practitioner Edition, for the more demanding and experienced users.

They  plan to release the Master Edition early next year. We will send you more details about 1 month before we release the new software.

Most existing users with a Practitioner Edition license will be upgraded automatically, free of charge.

Win a prize!

They need your help for this.

What new features and extension would you like to see in Complete Dynamics?

The 10 best ideas will be rewarded with a free 2-year license period!

You can send us your ideas to The better you explain your good ideas, the more chance you have to win a prize.

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