Summer Diseases and Homoeopathy Medicines

water-borne-diseasesSummer Diseases and Homoeopathy Medicines

Dr A Ilandiraiyan

Abscesses, suppurations Summer, agg. inBacillus 10
Asthma, < in summerSyph
ASTHMA, summer, in amel.Carb-v
Asthmatic cold, from taking summer, inArs
Back Pain general summer, inLyc
BURNING, pain soles summer, inVesp
Children  EMACIATION, summer complaint, in afterMed
Children EMACIATION, summer complaint, inCoff
CHILLINESS summerAnt-c
Coryza General SummerDulc, gels
Coryza General Summer  diarrhea, withDulc
CORYZA, summerGels
CRACKS, skin summer aggCoc-c
CROUPY, cough, winter, alternating with sciatica in summerStaph
Diarrhea children, in summer, inSec
Diarrhea cold drinks, after agg. Summer, inCarb-v, nat-s, nux-m, verat
Diarrhea periodical summerKali-bi
DIARRHEA, general, cold, drinks, after summer, inCarb-v, nat-s, nux-m, verat
DIARRHEA, general, periodical summerKali-bi
DIFFICULT, breathing summer agg.Arg-n, syph
Epistaxis General SummerLyc
ERUPTIONS summer, inBov, graph, kali-bi, led, mur-ac, sars, sel
ERUPTIONS, facial rough summerKalm
Extremities paralysis general river bath in SummerCaust
Eye Granular lids general SummerNux-v
Face eruptions acne Summer, inBov
Face eruptions rough SummerKalm
FAINTING, faintness, heated, when summer, fromAnt-c, ip
FAINTING, heated, when summer, fromAnt-c,  ip
FAST, pulse summer complaint, in, 120 to 160Ferr-p
GASTRIC, fever hot weather, in, from abuse of ice water and summer beveragesCarb-v
General rheumatic Summer, inSulph
HEATED, becoming agg. weakness, causes summer, inAlum,  corn,  iod, lach, nat-c, nat-m, sel
Indigestion summer heat, fromBry
INTERMITTENT fever summer, in beginning ofLach
PAIN, stomach summer agg.Guai
PAIN, teeth, toothaches summer, in theAnt-c, bell, bry, calc, carb-v, cham, lach, lyc, nat-c, nat-m,  nux-v, puls, sel
PARALYSIS, river bath in summer, fromBell-p, caust, rhus-t
RESTLESS, summer complaints, inAcon, ferr-p
Skin discoloration yellow, jaundice, Summer, everyChin-ar, chion
Skin eruptions summer inCalc
Sleep restless summer complaints, inFerr-p
SLEEPINESS, summer heat, with general debility, in colds, inGels
SPASMODIC, cough, summer heat amelArs
Stomach pain General Summer agg.Guai
SUMMER, ailments sincePodo, sin-n
SUMMER, cool days in summer, afterBry
SUMMER, overcoat, wearing inHep, psor
Summer, spells of vertigo inPhos, psor
TUBERCLES,  summerKali-bi
VOMITING, general blood, of summer eveningsGuai
YAWNING, summer complaints, inArs

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