Summer Diseases and Homoeopathy Medicines

water-borne-diseasesSummer Diseases and Homoeopathy Medicines

Dr A Ilandiraiyan

Abscesses, suppurations Summer, agg. in Bacillus 10
Asthma, < in summer Syph
ASTHMA, summer, in amel. Carb-v
Asthmatic cold, from taking summer, in Ars
Back Pain general summer, in Lyc
BURNING, pain soles summer, in Vesp
Children  EMACIATION, summer complaint, in after Med
Children EMACIATION, summer complaint, in Coff
CHILLINESS summer Ant-c
Coryza General Summer Dulc, gels
Coryza General Summer  diarrhea, with Dulc
CORYZA, summer Gels
CRACKS, skin summer agg Coc-c
CROUPY, cough, winter, alternating with sciatica in summer Staph
Diarrhea children, in summer, in Sec
Diarrhea cold drinks, after agg. Summer, in Carb-v, nat-s, nux-m, verat
Diarrhea periodical summer Kali-bi
DIARRHEA, general, cold, drinks, after summer, in Carb-v, nat-s, nux-m, verat
DIARRHEA, general, periodical summer Kali-bi
DIFFICULT, breathing summer agg. Arg-n, syph
Epistaxis General Summer Lyc
ERUPTIONS summer, in Bov, graph, kali-bi, led, mur-ac, sars, sel
ERUPTIONS, facial rough summer Kalm
Extremities paralysis general river bath in Summer Caust
Eye Granular lids general Summer Nux-v
Eye INFLAMMATION, summer Sep
Face eruptions acne Summer, in Bov
Face eruptions rough Summer Kalm
FAINTING, faintness, heated, when summer, from Ant-c, ip
FAINTING, heated, when summer, from Ant-c,  ip
FAST, pulse summer complaint, in, 120 to 160 Ferr-p
GASTRIC, fever hot weather, in, from abuse of ice water and summer beverages Carb-v
General rheumatic Summer, in Sulph
HEATED, becoming agg. weakness, causes summer, in Alum,  corn,  iod, lach, nat-c, nat-m, sel
Indigestion summer heat, from Bry
INTERMITTENT fever summer, in beginning of Lach
PAIN, stomach summer agg. Guai
PAIN, teeth, toothaches summer, in the Ant-c, bell, bry, calc, carb-v, cham, lach, lyc, nat-c, nat-m,  nux-v, puls, sel
PARALYSIS, river bath in summer, from Bell-p, caust, rhus-t
RESTLESS, summer complaints, in Acon, ferr-p
Skin discoloration yellow, jaundice, Summer, every Chin-ar, chion
Skin eruptions summer in Calc
Sleep restless summer complaints, in Ferr-p
SLEEPINESS, summer heat, with general debility, in colds, in Gels
SPASMODIC, cough, summer heat amel Ars
Stomach pain General Summer agg. Guai
SUMMER, ailments since Podo, sin-n
SUMMER, cool days in summer, after Bry
SUMMER, overcoat, wearing in Hep, psor
Summer, spells of vertigo in Phos, psor
TUBERCLES,  summer Kali-bi
VOMITING, general blood, of summer evenings Guai
YAWNING, summer complaints, in Ars

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