Stone Breakers of Homeopathy

painDr Muhammed Rafeeque

Homoeopathic remedies and their indications in various types of calculi in different locations

Stone Breakers of Homeopathy

  • Acid benz: Strong smelling urine; Uric acid stones; Gout.
  • Apis mel: Stinging and burning urine; Last drop burn and smart; edema.
  • Belladonna: Sudden onset of urinary colic; Throbbing pain; Jar aggravates.
  • Berberis v: Urolithiasis with gout, rheumatism; Left sided calculi; Bright red mealy sediment; Radiating pains; no pain while urinating.
  • Calc carb: White mealy sediment; Renal colic; Calcium stones.
  • Calc renalis phos: Medicine from renal calculi; specific remedy.
  • Cantharis: Burning before during and after urination; Fearful tenesmus; Renal colic with bloody urine.
  • Coccus cacti: Stones with lancinating pain from kidney to bladder; dysuria.
  • Colocynth: Renal colic > bending double; whole abdomen painful during urination; crystals stick to vessels.
  • Disocorea: Renal colic with pain in extremities; Pain < bending double, > standing erect.
  • Epigea rep: Uric acid stone; Dysuria with tenesmes after urination; Brown sand in urine.
  • Fabiana: Uric acid stones; Tenesmus and burning after urination.
  • Hydrangia: White amorphous salts in urine; Renal colic with bloody urine; Sharp pain in left loin; Urine hard to start.
  • Lithium carb: Right renal and ureteric stones; Turbid urine with sandy deposits.
  • Lithospermum: Stone impacted in the ureters.
  • Lycopodium: Back pain> by urination; Right sided stones; Red sand in urine.
  • Mag phos: Spasmodic pain due to impacted stone; Pain> rubbing, warmth, pressure.
  • Medorrhinum: Renal stones with painful tenesmus; slow urination; h/o gonorrhea.
  • Nitric acid: Bloody urine; Strong smelling like horse’s urine; splinter like pain.
  • Nux vom: Renal colic extending to genitals; Left sided stones; Frequent urge.
  • Ocimum can: Right sided renal colic; Pain in ureters; Urine has odor of musk; Red sand in urine.
  • Oxalic acid: Oxalates in urine; Must urinate when thinking of it; Frequent and copious urine with burning pain.
  • Pareira brava: Urine stones with balder and prostate troubles; Pain going down thing during urination; Bloody urine with straining; Urine comes only when kneeling and press head firmly against floor.
  • Pyrogen: Stone with urinary infection and high fever.
  • Sarsaparilla: Right sided renal colic downwards; Scanty bloody urine; Pain at conclusion of urination; Thin feeble stream.
  • Senecio aureus: Renal colic with high colored bloody urine; Great straining and urging.
  • Sepia: Red adhesive sand in urine; Even patient feels the urine offensive; Infection stones.
  • Silicea: Bloody or involuntary with red or yellow sediment; Nocturnal enuresis.
  • Solidago: Sediment in urine with scanty flow; Offensive urine; As a substitute for catheter.
  • Staphysagria: Pain after lithotomy.
  • Stigmata maydis: Renal stones with enlarged prostate and cystitis; urinary retention.
  • Tabacum: Left sided renal colic along ureter.
  • Thlaspi bursa: Phosphatic urine; Renal colic with brick dust sediment; Spasmodic retention; Chronic cystitis; As a substitute for catheter.
  • Urtica urens: Favours elimination of gout and urinc acid stones.
  • Uva ursi: Calculi with cystitis and bloody urine; Infection stones.
  • Vesicaria: Specific for renal stones and infection.

(C) Dr Muhammed Rafeeque

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