Special offers on Complete Dynamics during Homeopathy Week

This year the international World Homeopathy Awareness Week is from April 10-16, 2013. They have 2 special license offers for Complete Dynamics:Homeopathy Softwares

1.10 year subscription to the Practitioner Edition for only 495 euro, including all upgrades and support!

  1. Normal price 10 x 120 = 1200 euro.
  2. Your advantage: 705 euro!

2. Free 2 year subscription to the Practitioner Edition for your PC or Mac, if you buy the iPad App.The iPad App is an enormous success, last week 1 in 20 users have used the App! We are very proud of the impressive iPad App; for details see this page.

These special offers are valid EXCLUSIVELY during the week of 10 to 16 April.

The offers are valid both for new customers and existing customers.

For existing customers, this means that they can buy an extension of their current license period for the special discount price. If for example your current license ends on July 1 2013, buying 10 additional years will move the end date to July 1 2023!

To buy a subscription license, start the Complete Dynamics program, and choose Menu / Help / Buy license. This will take you to our webshop.

To buy the iPad App, you must go to the iTunes store or AppStore. The App is not sold by us, but by Apple. After buying the App, contact us at sales@completedynamics.com and send us your Apple sales receipt, to receive the free 2 years for your PC or Mac.

Visit  at www.completedynamics.com
Complete Repertory website www.morphologica.com

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