SIMILIMUM ULTRA Sharp-Shoot Homoeopathic Software

SIMILIMUMULTRA is   a  state-of-art,  user-friendly    clinical   software    solution    for Homoeopathic Practitioners, visibly outstanding by its quality, simplicity and reasonable pricing among those   currently   available   in   the   market.   It is   the   final  glorious  outcome   of  more   than   40  years   of unrelenting  learning and dedication of its author to the cause of Homoeopathy.  SIMILIMUMULTRA  is designed with such a flexibility and comprehensiveness of contents and tools, that it adapts itself to meet the every day changing requirements of any Homoeopath to  set up and run a fully computerized clinical practice.

SIMILIMUMULTRA – Sharp-shoot     Homoeopathic      Software   incorporates    various essential   practical  modules      such  as  an    embedded     Patient    Management        System,    4   major  Repertories      (Kent, Boenninghaussen,   Boericke,   Boger)   empowered   with  efficient   ‘Rubric   Search’  tools  and  advanced options   for   selecting   similar   rubrics   from  various   repertories  and  Combining to   form  a   single   rubric,  Expert   ‘QuickPick’     repertorisations,    25  Customized      Repertories,     7  Innovative  Repertorisation  methods, Multiple Repertorisation Protocols, Re-combinant strategy of finding similimum based on Boenninghaussen’s   principles,   20     important  Materia   Medica   works  with   search   and   bookmarking  options, a  ‘Book Shelf’ containing a bundle of clinically important  Reference Books, utilities such as Normal      Clinical    values,   Height-Weight       tables,   Laboratory      Tests,   Clinical    Relationships,  Constitutional   Symptoms   of   Drugs,   Diagnostic   Tables,   Prophylactics,   Homoeopathic   Specifics, External Applications, Mother Tinctures and so on.

Patient Management system of SIMILIMUMULTRA  provides a very simple and user-friendly working environment, enabling even those homoepaths with minimum computer skills to use it with ease in their day to day clinical management. Registering a New Patient  is very simple. Cases can also be worked upon without registering the patient, with options for registering later.  ‘Paitient Register’ is unlimited in storage capacity, with safe and easily retrievable Backups and Restore, without any fear of loss of data   even   if  system   crashes.   Existing   patients  may    be  searched  Alphabetically,      Number-wise, Diagnosis-wise     or   using in-built    Calender   tools.  Case    Taking   can    be  done   either  in Classical Schematic format, Search-and-Add  Rubric Method, Key Note Method, Recombinant Method or using  Scribbling pad. Cases can be easily recorded without much typing, as exact repertorial rubrics,simultaneous with interrogation of patient.

Case History of a patient may be viewed in a single window if  desired,   with easy   Navigation between   different   consultations.   All   works   related   with   a   particular  patient such as repertorisation results, materia medica searches, notes etc . can be saved in a ‘Reference  Tray’ appended to the ‘Case Record”. Prescriptions can be created simply by importing drug names from editable Drug list.

Print options are available for prscriptions, as chits, or detailed prescriptions.

Stationaries such as Stock Register of Drugs, Purchase Order Forms, Medical Certificates, Fitness Certificates, Letter Pads, Bills and Vouchers are also available with Print options.

A versatile Personal Organizer with reminders of appointments is incorporated, to register and manage various day-to-day appoitments during busy practice. Tools for periodically Evaluating and comparing Patient turn-up in the clinic is also provided.

Ready Reckoner for making instant  prescriptions for various pathologic conditions is another special  feature.  Note  Book  is   an   important       platform   with   versatile   utility.   Selected   portions   of   texts   from Materia Medica, Repertories and Reference Books can be exported to NoteBook, edited and saved in special   folders.   Articles   available   from Internet   or   other  Digital   media  also   may   be  imported   and  saved here.

A special tool for preparing a List of diseases, and adding Diagnosis to each cases from this list, with options to group patients diagnosis-wise, may also be found very useful.

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