Should not be used remedies

medicines (2)Some homoeopathy remedies which should not be used before or after some medicines or food

  1. Acetic Acid After Lachesis
  2. Acetic Acid after Belladona
  3. Aconitum after Acetic Acid
  4. Apis Mel After Rhus Tox
  5. Asteria Rubens after Nux
  6. Arum Tryphillum after Caladium Seguinum
  7. Aurum Muriaticum after Coffea Cruda
  8. Belladona after Dulcamera
  9. Bryonia after Calcaria Carb
  10. Calcaria Carb after Baryta Carb
  11. Calcaria Carb after Kali Bich
  12. Calcaria Carb after Nitric Acid
  13. Carbolic Acid after Lachesis
  14. Camphor After Kali Nit.
  15. Camphor After Coffea
  16. Causticum Aftr Phosphorus
  17. Chamomilla After Nux Vomica
  18. Chamomilla after Zicum Met.
  19. China after Selenium
  20. Cocculus after coffea cruda
  21. Coffea Cruda aftr Asteria Rub.
  22. Coffea after Caulophyllum
  23. Coffea Cruda after Ignatia
  24. Ferrum Mur. After Digitalis
  25. Glycerin after Carbolic Acid
  26. Ignatia after Coffea Cruda
  27. Lachesis after China
  28. Lachesis after Dulcarmera
  29. Lachesis after Sepia
  30. Mercurius after Silicia
  31. Mercurius after Phytolacca
  32. Nux Vomica after Ignatia
  33. Nux Vomica after Asteria Rubens
  34. Phosphorus after Causticum
  35. Psorinum after Sepia
  36. Pulsatilla after Sepia
  37. Rhus Tox after Apis Mel
  38. Ranunc Bulb. After Staphisagria
  39. Sepia after Lachesis
  40. Silicia after Mercurius
  41. Sulphur after Calcaria Carb(should not be given)
  42. Tabacum after Ignatia
  43. Wine after Benzoic Acid
  44. Wine after Selenium
  45. Zincum Met after Nux

Compiled by Dr Hanan

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