SHARE – sensation in Homoeopathy seminar

SHARE – sensation in Homoeopathy seminar

Yin & Yang
Jayesh Shah and Mahesh Gandhi

Venue : Schloss Blumenthal Aichach, region of Augsburg 

Dates : 26.-29. June 2014

Times :
26. June 9.30 – 13 and 15 – 18.30
27. June 9 – 12 and 14.30 – 18
28. June 9 – 12.30 and 14.30 – 18
29. June 9 – 13

About this seminar
For the first time the two world-renowned masters of ‘Soul Homeopathy’, Mahesh Gandhi and Jayesh Shah will give a seminar together in Europe. They will each convey two equally effective yet diametrically opposed methods.

Dr. Jayesh often calls his method ‘into the life force’ approach. This highly refined method of ‘case allowing’ is based on simple understanding that the life force has an inherent tendency to resonate with the similar. He will demonstrate the value and the phenomenon of polarities in case taking and case understanding. He will show the use of meditation techniques with clear guide lines on its principles and use in practice. Dr. Jayesh will teach from cases including cases of deep physical pathology. The rubrics, key notes and the material medica will also be discussed at length.

Mahesh Gandhi has observed in his many years of experience with psychiatric cases that fundamental, constantly recurring themes in patients can be correlated to certain developmental stages of the patient. In cooperation with the Israeli biologist Michal Yakir, he has been able to discover and in numerous cases confirm that these stages correspond to similar stages in the evolution of plants. Thus both approaches offer helpful supplementary knowledge to Sankaran’s sensation method, which does reach its limits in many cases.In this joint seminar these approaches are united for the first time: The method of plant evolution based on exact observation is brought together with the meditative approach based on trust in the process of the vital force.

Seminar fee: 530 €

Payments until 26.03.2014: 500 €

Banking details
Burmeister, Schröder
DE65 2019 0301 0030 2878 04
Vierländer Volksbank

For accommodation and catering please contact:
Sabine Horack
Schloss Blumenthal
85661 Aichach
Tel.: 0049-8251-8904-121

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