Routine remedies in homoeopathy

medicines (2)?Causticum is the routine remedy for retention of urine after operation.= Dr. D.M. Foubiser
?Nothing equals Hypericum in cases of smashed fingers.= Dr. E.A. Frrington
?Hyoscyamus is one of our best remedies for hiccough occurring after operations on the abdomen.= Dr. E.A. Farrington
?Hypericum is the main remedy for spinal injuries.= Dr. D.M. Foubister
?Berberis Vul. is an excellent remedy for renal colic.= Dr. E. A. Farrington
?Cholesterinum is said to be almost specific for gallstone colic.= Dr. Pulford
?Colocynthis cures colics again and again.= Dr. T.K. Moore
?In biliary colic, Calc. Carb. has never failed me.= Dr. R. Hughes
?One’s chief use for Mag. Phos. has been in the treatment of dysmenorrhoea.= Dr. M.L.Tyler
?Any haemorrhage seeming to be in sympathy with heart trouble, think of Cactus.= Dr. E.B. Nash
?In cramps of the calves, I have never known Cuprum to fail.= Dr. Jousett
?In habitual vomiting in babies, one should think of Iris.= Dr. C.G. Raue
?For the excessively obstinate child, Tuberculinum is most often indicated.= Dr. D.M. Foubister
?I have cured probably 100 cases of Adenoids with Tuberculinium alone.= Dr. J.T. Kent
?Persons suffering from ulceration of the lungs can scarcely get well without Kali Carb.=Dr. Hahnemann
?There is one remedy in regard to enlarged prostate and that is Hydrangea.= Dr. A.H. Grimmer
?For the terrible falling out of hair after Typhoid, Fluoric Acid is well indicated.= Dr. C.M. Boger
?I recommend Arnica Mont. as preventive and curative of boils.= Dr. Hahnemann
?Nitric Acid is almost specific for diarrhea after antibiotics, especially the mycins.= Dr. E.W. Hubbard
?I know of no remedy of such universal usefulness in cases of simple acne as Kali Brom 30.= Dr. J.H. Clarke
?Lycopodium is master remedy in infantile Eczema.= Dr. Leon Renard
?We have found Bacillinum almost specific for ulceration of cornea in children.= Dr. M.L. Tyler
?Several cases of cataract have been arrested in their progress by Causticum and the sight even improved, where before its administration they were rapidly going on to complete blindness.= Drs. Allen and Norton
?The more Benzoic Acid is used in Gout the more it will be prized.= Dr. C. Hering
?Arthritis deformans responds to Antim Crud. a near specific.= Dr. Schwartz
?In Diabetes, 2 or 3 grains of the 3rd trituration of Uran. Nit. Administered morning and night, will in a short time reduce the quantity of urine passed to nearly a normal standard, and after a continual use, the proportion of sugar is materially lessened.= Dr. Bradford
?Some of the worst cases of chronic rheumatism have been cured by Ant. Crud., guided by the extreme tenderness of the soles of the feet.= Dr. E.B. Nash
?Ipecac. is especially the infant’s friend and is commonly indicated in the bronchitis of infancy.= Dr. J.T. Kent

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