Report on the Post Graduate Seminar at Hyderabad Sept 2012

students (5)Dr.G.Srinivasulu 

September 5th is an important day in the life of every teacher. Teacher’s day is intended to be a special day for the appreciation of teachers as a mark of respect to Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishna. Teachers mould the lives that they influence because the lessons learned from teachers remain with their students throughout the life. To make the Teacher’s day a special one, the  teaching staff and the Post Graduate students have organized a Seminar at Mekaster Auditorium, Osmania University, Hyderabad on 5th September 2012. The event was jointly organized by Centre for Advance Studies in Homoeopathy (C.A.S.H.) and J.S.P.S.Govt. Homoeopathic Medical College, Hyderabad.

The inaugural function witnessed a galaxy of officials and dignitaries. At the outset Dr. S.Praveen Kumar, Professor welcomed the dignitaries and delegates.  Mrs.G.D. Aruna, I.A.S., Commissioner, Dept. of AYUSH, presided over the function. Dr.M.Gopal Krishna, Principal stated that the CME  program on the occasion of the Teacher’s Day is a good tradition wherein the Teachers and Students coming together and arranging a program of this kind was unique. Dr.A.Rajender Reddy, PG Coordinator  and Vice Principal stated that,  the NTR University of Health sciences, A.P. had sanctioned 4 CME programs for the Post Graduates and advised the students to make best use of such academic programs. He  emphasized the importance of CME programs for the Post Graduates in strengthening their skills in Dissertation writing, study designs, research protocols and other soft skills which have to be acquired by the post graduates during their tenure.  Dr.N.Linga Raju, Additional Director (Homoeo) Dept. of AYUSH, Govt. of A.P. had stated that the NRHM schemes and I.E.C. scheme should be utilized by all the doctors in capacity building and furtherance of knowledge in the field. He had requested the organizers to conduct such programs in other colleges of Andhra Pradesh also.

The Chief Guest of the day Sri D.Srinivasulu, I.A.S.,  Principal Secretary, Industries and Commerce, Govt. of A.P. stated that he was an ardent believer of homoeopathy and suggested that the Homoeopathy First Aid Kits should be kept available in all public health outlets and ambulance services. His belief in homoeopathy was immense and  he assured all help for the development of homoeopathy in the state. Mrs. G.D. Aruna in her presidential remarks stated that the homoeopathy system of medicine should join with  the mainstream and take part in all the health care delivery systems in Andhra Pradesh. She emphasized the need to cultivate the quality of compassion among doctors towards patients and develop passion for the practice of their profession.  She deplored the deteriorating human touch among practitioners and growing commercialization in the medical profession. She sought some original ideas from the practitioners for the development of homoeopathy in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

In the morning session, Dr.Farokh J Master, Mumbai spoke on “Homoeopathic Management of Cancer “. His lucid explanation of techniques of approach in handling such so called incurable diseases is spellbinding. The word ‘ Cancer ‘ sounds frightening to the affected person, near and dear. Most of the time the fear takes away the life of the individual earlier than the disease itself. On the contrary  the word homoeopathy sounds  a ray of hope in the midst of darkness  for such disappointed, disenchanted, discouraged and disappointed victims of Cancer. Dr.Farokh Master’s simple approach towards such complex diseases is  based on Hahnemannian principles and it is phenomenal. His conviction on Hahnemannian  provings and respect for the  pristine purity of the symptoms obtained from provers are commendable and they enabled him to cure many such inveterate Cancer cases. These subjective symptoms and sensations are invariably the signposts for the cure of many Cancer cases which he has treated. He disapproved the method of selection of remedies based on pathology, organ affinity, Keynote symptoms and favorite prescriptions. He emphasized the need to ascertain the individuality of each case of Cancer on Hahnemannian lines by observing the dynamic pathology of the disease rather than the gross and ultimate pathology. He stated that the symptoms before the onset  of cancer are more important in the selection of the remedy rather than the later symptoms. He cautioned on prescriptions based on Cancer Rubrics, gross pathology, organ affinity and therapeutics. He had shown the cases of Cancer Tongue, Ca.Prostate, Ca.Pancreas and some more cases through videos, which have captured the attention of all the delegates.

In the post lunch session Dr.G.Janradhan Reddy, former Additional Director ( Homoeopathy) Dept. of AYUSH, Govt. of A.P. spoke on “ Understanding Tuberculinum  in Modern Life Style “. His unique way of approaching a drug and analysis of situation is excellent. He said that the industrialization has its deleterious effect on human psyche in general and the young generation in particular. The fast changing society, dilution of moral values and ethics are detrimental to the health in several ways. Today we witness disobedience, arrogance, cosmopolitan tendency, disrespect to the time tested values and elders are synonymous with the young generation. All these vicious qualities can be tamed through  Tuberculinum. His knowledge and application of Tuberculinum are extraordinary and many delegates were made think over the hidden potentialities of this drug. His approach towards the drug were based on real life situations.

On the occasion of Teachers Day the students of J.S.P.S.Govt. Homoeopathic Medical College, Hyderabad had felicitated the teaching faculty. Dr.D.Balram, Senior Professor had recalled his childhood and schooling days and his relationship with his teachers of yester years. All the Professors, Asst. Professors and Lecturers were felicitated by the students in an affectionate way and it has touched the hearts of everybody. The teachers and the students have celebrated the event in a ceremonial and traditional way and paid rich tributes to Dr.Sarvepalli Radha Krishna on whose memory the teachers’ day is celebrated as well as the Father of Homoeopathy Dr.Samuel Hahnemann.

The post graduates , Dr.Vishnu Murthy, Dr.Ravinder Rao, Dr.Prameela, Dr.Rajeeva, Dr.Praveena, Dr.Srikanth, Dr.Ganesh Achary, Dr.Pragathi Pavan, Dr.Deepak, Dr.Nagendra, Dr.Nagaraj, Dr.Laxminarayana, Dr.Hanumanth, Dr.Sowjanya, Dr.Lavanya, Dr.Vijaya Showri, Dr.Ramesh, Dr.Harika, Dr.Sujala, Dr.Srividya, Dr.Supriya, Dr.Liyi Karso, Dr.Sravani, Dr.Priyanka, Dr.Anand, Dr.Shiva Prasad, Dr.Sudheera, Dr.Sridevi, Dr.Vidya Sagar  and other post graduates have taken active part in the program.

Dr. Dr.Ch.Srinivas Reddy, Professor had coordinated the scientific session. Dr.G.Srinivasulu, Asst. Professor proposed the vote of thanks.

Asst.Professor, J.S.P.S.Govt. Homoeopathic Medical College, Ramanthapur,
HYDERABAD – 500 013
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