Repertory and beyond – series of workshops at Indore

books (2)The Other Song Organising a series of workshops on repertory at Indore

How to find exact symptom in repertory – probing peculiar

Different repertorisation techniques

How to use dreams and delusion chapter in repertory

How to use Boger appraoch

How to use repertory along with Sensation.Kingdom.Miasm

How to use single drug rubrics

When to use repertory in pathological cases

Diffrentiation of mind rubrics

Application of repertory in acutes

When to use repertory and sensation theme

How to use repertory in synergy and sensation

Workshop on Sunday only 


  1. Dr Rajan Sankaran
  2. Dr Amarnisha Nigam
  3. Dr Jayesh Sha
  4. Dr Sunirmal Sarkar
  5. Dr Sujit Chatterje
  6. Dr Rishi Vyas
  7. Dr Ashok Borkar
  8. Dr Gajanan Chanipur
  9. Dr Manish Yadav
  10. Dr Paresh Vasani
  11. Dr Manjal Thakar
  12. Dr Desang Sha
  13. Dr Ganrang and TOS faculty

Date : 13.08.2017 to 04.02.2018

Fee : Rs.4000

Venue : 101, Radhakrishna Apartments, Indore

Contact : Dr Yamini 9893200976 Dr Vaibhave Jain 9030006021

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