Renal Stone cured within 3 days of homoeopathy treatment

painHere is the case study of my patient who was treated with Renel Stone just within 3 days of treatment.

Dr. Shilpa Pandey

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Article Headline:  Homeopathy proves it again – Renal Stone removed within 3 days of treatment

Article: “Sonali is an old patient of mine, Since last 3 months she has been taking medicines from me for her mother in law and son mostly for acute complaints. On Friday she visited my clinic with complaints of acute pain in lower abdomen with pain extending from left loins to groins. She also had complaints of severe back ache. On further examination I found out that she has pains with rebound tenderness on her abdominal region. As the patient was in severe pain, I went for acute case taking and came up with below findings.

She had burning sensation while urinating pain generally aggravated while standing or walking. She had nauseating feeling but no vomiting pain in lumbar region.There was no sign of fever considering that the symptoms are very much similar to renal calculi I gave her Berberis Vulgharis with 1M potency and advised her for USG (Sonography) abdomen.

On Saturday morning she came with the sonography reports and my diagnosis was confirmed. She had 6.3 mm of stones at her left pelvi-uretric junction. Also, her complaint of pain was much butter since last night. As per my past experience mother tincures give better results if the size of the stone is more that 5mm. Hence I continued with Berberis Vulgharis Q (Mother Tincure) 3-4 times in a day.

To my surprise on Monday morning she visited my clinic with stones in her hand. I knew that my medicine is going to work but never thought of getting results in 3 days.

I ended my treatment by giving her 1 dose of Medhorrinum with 1M potency as Medhorrinum being a great antisycotic remedy and helps in preventing the reoccurrence of stone.

There is no need to go for painful surgery for removal of kidney stone. Homeopathy can remove it within days. Check out the below where Sonali briefly describes her situation before the treatment and also shows the stones which was removed within 3 days of treatment.

Here is the video link of our patients say on how homeopathy was effective in treating her. link –

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