Raise your Success Rate in Homeopathic Practice by using Vithoulkas Compass

compassUsing scientific methods, large scale clinical evidence and state-of-the-art technology

A new level of performance and functionality in homeopathy software.

A system you can rely on to reach your potential in practice, even in the most complex cases.

VithoulkasCompass is a comprehensive online toolbox organized to support effective practice and help elevate the success rate of any homeopath, from beginner to master.

Conceived from the ground up to offer unparalleled decision support to the homeopath by combining results from an exhaustive statistical analysis of thousands of real-world successful prescriptions, with the experience and method of the internationally acclaimed master and pioneer of classical homeopathy, George Vithoulkas along with a dedicated team of homeopaths and researchers.

Every feature of the VC toolbox was designed to empower you in choosing and confirming the correct remedy, while at the same time improving your productivity and honing your skill.

Proven track record: used by thousands of homeopaths all around the world with great success since 2011.

Highly confirmed repertory

Painstakingly developed and continuously updated repertory based on Kent and the most important classical authors, incorporating additions and corrections by George Vithoulkas. Continuously updated and refined.

Precise degrees of remedies, confirmed against real world cases for the accurate representation of keynotes and characteristic symptoms.

Developed for maximum reliability and not maximum size.

Powerful repertory search options, where the user can look up words with an optional auto-suggest feature, word combinations, synonyms and related rubrics.

Differential and Specific Remedy Analysis modes

Guide the practitioner in asking questions to confirm remedies

Powerful features which help clear cases, even when repertorisation is not 100% perfect.
Includes the possibility to compare suggested remedies, even confining the search to specific repertory chapters or performing remedy/keyword searches.
‘Smart’ Differential Analysis+ mode proposes case specific relevant symptoms for patient questioning.
Separate differential analysis expert system presents the ideal symptoms for patient questioning to effectively confirm or discard candidate remedies.

Totally Web-based and Available Online, for any Device

No installation or downloads required

Internet-based, usable with all popular browsers

Adaptive user interface, makes VC fully accessible from desktops to mobile devices such as Tablets and Smartphones (iOS & Android)

Multilanguage Support : Currently in 8 languages
User interface in English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian.
Repertory currently available in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Russian.
Powerful online translation of repertory terms in virtually any language
Data Center hosted in world-class, mission-critical facilities.

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