Polycystic Ovarian Disease cured by Homeopathy

mansoor (1236)Dr Daxa V Vaishnav  

Mrs. U. M., 26 years old patient consulted me in Feb. 2000 for an inability to conceive with irregular menses since 2 years. She had been married since 4 years.

Menstrual history:
FMP: 13 years (which very irregular for the first 2 years). LMP: 7-12-1999. The previous menses was in Oct. 1999 after 1-½ months of amenorrhea. She got the ultra sound of the pelvic organs done which showed polycystic ovaries. The menses are profuse with blackish clots. No stains or odor.

Before menses: Cramps in the abdomen
During menses: Diarrhea (3-4 loose stools with colicky pains) > pressure, hot fomentation
Associated symptoms: Sensation of heat and feverishness arising out of anxiety

Burning pains in the stomach, indigestion with urging for stools. < empty stomach, spices, bread > cold milk, tea. This is associated with dizziness and perspiration.

Physical generals: Tall and thin. Anxious look on the face. Dryness of the skin in winter.
Appetite: Good, frequent eating
Desires: Spices, cold drinks, carbonated drinks, sweets, ice-creams
Aversion: salads
There was no abnormality in the thirst, perspiration, bowel movements and urination.
The patient is extremely chilly.

Mental state: Anxious person- about the health. Hypochondriasis. Anxiety is felt in the stomach and then she develops a lot of negative thoughts. Fears eating- especially between meals.
Very sensitive and is hurt easily. This leads to brooding.
Mentally, she is very restless. Wants a change all the time. Likes to go out- dislikes staying at home
She desires company and loves to talk- is full of ideas. She gets attached to people very easily and people find her as a person who understands them well. They also describe her as being very co-operative.

At the same time, she is quite fastidious. She gets angered easily and has outbursts if her wishes are not fulfilled. She weeps easily and is > consolation.
Sleep is disturbed from the least noise. She is usually > from catnaps. She dreams about her unfinished work.
She is an intelligent girl who likes to learn new things. She also has a very good memory.

Past history: Vocal nodules, recurrent pharyngitis, bronchitis, broncho-pneumonia, herpes zoster.
Family history: Mother: Pulmonary tuberculosis, hypertension
Father: Myocardial infarction
Brother: Pulmonary tuberculosis

Investigations: Ultrasonography- Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease
February 20, 2000: ( LMP- 7-2-2000; USG- PCOD) Phos 1M, 4 doses (twice a day x 2 days)
April 8, 2000: LMP- 7-3-2000. Urine pregnancy test +ve.

A subsequent ultrasonography showed a single live fetus in the uterus.

This patient was followed up throughout her pregnancy and was treated with homoeopathic medicines for all the discomforts of pregnancy. She developed pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH) in the seventh month of her pregnancy, which was again treated with doses of Phosphorus. Even her labor was shortened with the use of the homeopathic medicine Pulsatilla! In fact, though she was a primipara, she delivered within 5 hours of the onset of the pains.

Dr. (Mrs.) Daxa V. Vaishnav
Web : http://www.drvaishnav.com

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