NRHM Tamil Nadu Homoeopathy Consultant vacancies

nrhmNRHM Tamil Nadu Homoeopathy Consultant vacancies

Name the employer : Commissioner of Indian medicine and homeopathy chennai-106

Name of the post  : Consultant (Homeopathy)

Number of vacancies : 8

Academic: i) Must have passed a degree or Diploma in the respective system of Indian System of Medicine and Homeopathy awarded by a recognised University.

ii) Must have registered his/her name with the TNBIM/TNSMC/TNHMC, Chennai

Salary : Under National Rural Health Mission(NRHM) Scheme Rs.800/- Per Day (4 Hours) 6 days in a week

The above list is provided by the District Employment Officer, Chennai.
Any queries may be addressed to the District Employment Officer, Chennai   Ph: 24611969 / 24615160
Professional and Executive Employment Office Ph.: 24642749

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