Neurocysticercosis Cured with Homoeopathy

homeopathy healsDr  Rajneesh Kumar Sharma
Dr  (Km) Ruchi Rajput

General Case History-
The patient presented with epileptiform fits for three years, with annual periodicity, < commencement of winters. Aura felt as coldness in body and tremors in left hand with eyes open.

Thirst, appetite, bowels, urinary, skin etc. normal.  No symptom to evaluate. Food cravings and aversions not marked.

Marked weakness of memory. Sad and depressed a day before an attack. Becomes unconscious after a fit.

Analysis of Case-

S. No.IntensityRubricsNo. of Remedies
 11MIND – MEMORY – weakness of memory 331
21MIND – SADNESS – epilepsy – before attack of – day and night 1
32MIND – UNCONSCIOUSNESS – convulsions – after 15
41GENERALS – CONVULSIONS – epileptic – aura 4
51GENERALS – CONVULSIONS – epileptic – aura – coldness; with 2
61EXTREMITIES – TREMBLING – Upper limbs – convulsions – before – epileptic 1
71EXTREMITIES – TREMBLING – Upper limbs – right 6
83GENERALS – PERIODICITY – year – every 39
91GENERALS – SEASONS – winter – agg. – solstice; at 18

Selection of Remedy-

Artemisea Vulgaris is the remedy of choice due to rare peculiar symptom-

MIND – SADNESS – epilepsy – before attack of – day and night- art-v. 

Prescription- 25-11-2009

CECT Brain- Findings suggestive of inflammatory granuloma with mild perifocal oedema high right parietal region. NEUROCYSTICERCOSIS.

Art. Vulg 30 thrice daily


  • No unconsciousness after fit.
  • Art. Vulg 30 thrice daily


  • No sadness before fit. Frequency of convulsions reduced to half, i.e. only twice in a week.
  • Art. Vulg 30 thrice daily


  • No body coldness before fit. Only one fit last month.
  • Art. Vulg 30 thrice daily


  • No tremor in extremities. No fit.
  • Art. Vulg 30 thrice daily


  • No marked symptoms.
  • Art. Vulg 30 thrice daily


  • Totally asymptomatic. CECT Brain- Tiny calcified focus in right fronto- parietal region.
  • Art. Vulg 200 one dose only.

23-06-2010 – Cured

No Medicine.

Dr. Rajneesh Kumar Sharma, M.D. (Hom), B.H.M.S. is a renowned practitioner of  Uttaranchal, India. He is CMD of Homoeo Cure & Research Institute since 1996 and a member of HMAI. He is also the founder of Hindi Vikas Kalyan Samiti, Kashipur JCs, Homoeo Cure & Research Institute etc.

Dr. Sharma is also famous for his literary expertise and his articles and cases are frequently published in magazines, newsletters, souvenirs and online journals. He has been honored with a number of awards including Bhartiya Chikitsak Ratna Award 2007, Mother India Award for Udyog Pratibha 2007, Kashipur Gaurav Award 2005, Best International Feature Award 2003 etc. etc. Presently he is practicing at HCRC Pvt. Ltd

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