National Homeopathy Convention coming up at Kerala

seminarNational Homeopathy Convention coming up at Kozhikode, Kerala

On Sept 13th 2015.

The legendary Padmabhooshan Dr BM Hegde as guest speaker & an array of scientists from various pure science streams like Dr Khuda Buksh PhD and many more across Molecular Biology, In-Vitro studies, Cell-line studies, Immunology, Nano-technology, Physiol. Chemistry, Developmental Therapeutics, Synthetic Organic Chemistry & New Drug Discovery from different parts of India are in Kozhikode on 13th September with their remarkable research works of past few decades in Homeopathy to present it to the doctors, researchers and scientists, media and public !

Global Homeopathy Foundation (GHF), a non-government, non-commercial organisation, conceptualised and formed by a group of dedicated, apolitical, like minded Indian professionals with a noble objective of creating a global institution that delivers the benefits of Homeopathy to the suffering humanity, the world over. It also aims at empowering the growth of Homeopaths and help Homeopathy get its rightful status as a credible medical science in the world.

GHF’s vision is to take homeopathy to every country, with a focused objective to universalize this inherent strength for a safe, effective and affordable health care for the overall wellness of man-kind with the support of  Philanthropists, Luminaries, Industrialists, Celebrities, Politicians, Corporate Organisations and Health, Education and Trade related world bodies like UN, WHO, UNESCO and others, for the cause of Homeopathy. GHF would also facilitate the lovers of Homeopathy to share their experiences. Thus GHF intends to be one powerful platform to bring nobility from all walks of life for the development and promotion of Homeopathy to benefit man-kind.

The National Homeopathy Convention by GHF, apart from homeopathic professionals nationwide, is also open to allopaths (conventional medicine docs), allied health-care professionals, other AYUSH stream doctors, scientists, research enthusiasts, media and lovers of homeopathy among public.


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