More patients opting homeopathic treatment in Abu Dhabi

uae13“More than 50% increase in the number of patients” – say Homoeopathic Practitioners

Patients opt for Homoeopathy medicine treatment even though it is not covered by insurance.

Consultations with homeopathy doctors tend to cost between Dh70 to Dh100, and medicines can cost up to Dh70.

Abu Dhabi: The prevalence of allergies in the UAE is causing an increasing number of patients to resort to alternative forms of medicine, especially homeopathy.

Clinics in the capital offering this form of treatment, which is common in south Asia, are reporting an influx of patients, including people from Western and Arab nations, where homeopathy is less widespread.

“When I first arrived in the UAE in the 1980s, I was suffering from frequent sinus allergies, and was prescribed antibiotics every few months,” said Mohammad Salem, an accountant from Kenya. “Traditional medicine didn’t seem effective in keeping my sinuses healthy, so I eventually approached homeopathy.”

Salem says that the treatment helped settle his respiratory system, and that he has never had to take antibiotics again for the problem.

“People are now more aware of the benefits of this form of medicine, and we see more non-Asian people visiting us,” said Dr Mariam Abdul Rasheed, a homeopathic physician at Al Kamal Clinic, who has been treating patients in Abu Dhabi for nine years.

Dr Vinayan Makkunnath, homeopathic practitioner at Home Health Medical Centre in Mussaffah, said he has seen a 50 per cent increase in the number of patients over the last two years.

“Most of the new patients we see come through following recommendations from their friends,” he said. “And the majority of them make repeat visits after that.”

Some patients also say they have found relief from conditions that traditional medicine deems incurable.

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