MBBS Regulations by Medical Council of India extended to 2012

Graduate medical curriculum is oriented towards training students to undertake the responsibilities of   a  physician    of  first contact   who is capable of looking    after   the   preventive,     promotive,    curative   &   rehabilitative  aspect    of medicine.

With wide range of career opportunities available  today,   a graduate has a wide   choice   of   career   opportunities.   The  training ,   though   broad    based     and flexible   should    aim    to  provide    an   educational   experience   of   the   essentials required for health care in our country.

To undertake the responsibilities of service situations which is a changing condition   and   of   various   types,   it   is   essential   to   provide   adequate   placement training tailored to the needs of such services as to  enable    the   graduates     to become effective instruments of implementation of those requirements. To avail of   opportunities    and    be   able  to   conduct professional      requirements,      the graduate    shall endeavour to have acquired basic training  in  different aspects of medical care.

The   importance   of   the   community   aspects   of   health   care   and   of   rural health care services is to be recognized. This           aspect    of education & training of graduates should be adequately recognized in  the    prescribed    curriculum.    Its importance has been systematically upgraded over the past years and adequate exposure  to  such   experiences     should    be  available   throughout     all  the  three phases of education & training. This has to be further emphasized and intensified by   providing   exposure   to   field   practice   areas   and   training during   the   internship period. The aim of the period of rural training during internship is to enable the fresh graduates to function efficiently under such settings.

The   educational   experience   should emphasize health and community orientation     instead    of   only     disease     and     hospital   orientation   or  being- concentrated – on-curative -aspects.  As such all the basic concepts of modern scientific medical education are to be adequately dealt with.

There must be enough experiences to be provided for self learning. The methods and techniques that would ensure this must become a part of teaching learning process.

Download MBBS regulation : www.similima.com/pdf/mci-mbbs-regulations.pdf

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