Lipoma- a journey to cure through Homeopathy

Dr Monimala Pramanick Sen

Lipoma :(A benign tumor of fatty tissue) 

Definition – lipoma is one of the commonest   benign  tumour.  It is  composed of  fat cells.  A lipoma is a slow growing, fatty lump that most often is situated between skin and the underlying muscle layer.It is often called as Universal tumour or Ubiquitous tumour .

As  lipoma is a  benign tumour, they are noncancerous growth. However,   people may wish to remove a lipoma that cause pain, or other symptoms. 

Difference between lipoma and liposarcoma: It is important to distinguish common lipoma from liposarcoma. They are  of  similar characters, although the latter poses a greater risk to the patient.

Cause : While the etiology of  lipomas is unclear, some studies  have shown a genetic link,  whereby, about two-thirds of lipoma demonstrate genetic abnormalities.

Anatomical pathology : Lipoma are defined as mesenchymal  tumours which typically lie subcutaneously.  Less commonly, They can also be found on internal organs, such as  Stomach and  bowel .            

The masses are not typically attached to underlying muscle. 

Clinical pathology: Patient often complain of a soft mobile mass of tissue they can feel under the skin.

 Clinical features:

1) Duration-Usually it is long standing.

2) Age-It may occur at any age.

3) Symptoms- painless swelling present for a long time is the main  feature.They  usually appear as small, soft lumps. They’re usually  less than 2 inches wide. Sometimes, more than one will develop. .  It may feel doughy ,move easily with finger pressure. They don’t normally hurt, though they can cause pain if they bump up against nearby nerves or have blood vessels running through them.

Treatment : They may be surgically removed for cosmetic reasons. Homoeopathically it is curable.

Case History:

A lady of 35 years old came to me with a nodule in her left hand.

Present complaints: Nodule was movable with slight pain. It was in the medial side of left hand and like a pea. I examined its movability.

Physical make up: Well dressed, smiley face fair complexion. 

Mental: She forget about things after keeping them, can’t remember. She doesn’t want to talk much with anybody. She fears the darkness. When she was a child, was abused repeatedly   by a person; Can’t  forget    that incident till now. She hates all persons especially males. One interesting thing she told “doctor I can feel the bad things that would be happening with my related persons”

Hobby: Likes to travel, music especially sad ones.

Desire: Can’t take warm food and warm drinks. Always takes cold food, cold water, even cold tea .

Stool: constipated, irregular.

Menstruation: Irregular, profuse stays 2-3 days. Pain in legs before menses.

Sleep: sleeps in right side. Sleeps make her refresh energetic.

I prescribed her Phosphorus 200, 1 dose; and placebo afterwards. 

Now why I have given Phosphorus to that lady? 

Discussion: Patient has a state of clairvoyance. She can feel the mishappening with  her family. She is forgetful. She is Misanthropist. She hates males. A phosphorus  patient who hates the males, why? Because may be something had happened with him or her earlier. As we are seeing that this lady was abused, so she hated the males. She sleeps at right side. She fears at night. She loves to eat and drink cold things.And over all Phosphorus is a good medicine for swelling of soft tissues. So I had given phosphorus. 

Follow up: After 15 days she had come with slight decrease of her pea size lipoma. 

I gave placebo. After 15 days she came and it had decreased in size. I gave a dose of phosphorus 200 again.

One month later she came with a happy face. Yes it had disappeared.

Now she is taking medicine for some of her mental problems.


1st picture lipoma                2nd picture slight      3rd picture completely cured


Some Other Uncommon Homoeopathic medicines for nodular growth in body:

Hippozaenium: Lymphatic  swelling. Articular non fluctuating swelling. Nodules in arm.

Calcarea renalis: Arthritic nodosites.

Pelius Berus: Swelling of arm, tongue, righteye.

Sal Marinum: Indicated in chronic enlargement of glands,especially cervical.


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Dr. Monimala Pramanick Sen
Lecturer of Organon of Medicine Dept
Naiminath Homoeopathic Medical College, Hospital    & Research Centre, Agra      

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