Kurukshetra University Haryana requires Homeopathy doctors

Homeopathic Doctors

Qualification : 4 years duration Degree/Diploma in Homeopathy as per Homeopathy Central Council Act, 1973.

Matric or its equivalent.

Knowledge of Hindi upto Matric.

Registered with Council of Homeopathy System of Medicine, Haryana.

Salary : On contract basis (Rs. 15000/- p.m.-consolidated).

Vacancy : 1

Last date : Application forms complete in all respects for all the above posts should reach theoffice of the Deputy Registrar (Estt.T) Kurukshetra by 10.09.2012.

For General Instructions, qualifications and other details, please visit our website : www.kuk.ac.in

More deatils : www.homeobook.com/pdf/kuk-2012.pdf


  1. Hi Everyone,

    The time has come when we should not bear what we don’t deserve. We need to ask the government to give us a reason why a homeopath should be given just 15000 ( and sometimes even less) as the first salary.
    As compared to engineers, we give more years of our education to this degree,yet they get paid more.
    Things like this give rise to frustration and people start involving themselves in illegal occupations.
    A doctor is a life saver- be it allopathy,homeopathy or ayurveda. We need to reming the center that we should be given attention as this is what we studied for. After all it’s the money that counts in the end.
    Let us make a facebook page for this and invite all the ‘yet to be employed homeopaths’ and demand justice for us.

    By hook or by crook, we are gonna take it.
    Let them decide what they want.
    Let’s tell them they can’t lead our lives.

    Please let this step be a fruitful one.
    Give me your feedback on this.

    • health minister recently said to open ..more colleges of homoeoapthy…some how we should make an agenda to make authorities aware that v dont need educational institutions v have enough of it..v need 2 things a).to improve their quality
      b) and to give jobs..to homoeopathy

      even if they make a compalsary seat for homoeopath in every hospital v have in india …that would be enough to make the changes….most of the allopaths
      are ready to give the medicne to themselves and their family,,but they cannot give us the equivalent position to us…what a shame….n
      more over writing on a similima page..that we are devotee or we should follow the master’s path is a
      false illusions we are creating for ourselves…are fellow friends are working hard and earning accordingly ang giving themselves a lavish and respectfull life which all of want…I M young and positive in attitude..dosent mean keep on morally boosting my self…some day we to will have enough for uss…..lets wake up..

  2. I will appeal to all Homoeopath of my country come forward and make a unity.Our masters given us a holistic path so follow their path without thinking its loss and profit.I am sure a day will come our masters will be happy to see our achievement.But its our duty to do much more thing for that.We have to spread our science every village,every panchayat,every district and every small & big city of our country.We have to prove that Homoeopathy science can make our nation to be a developed one.Am i right sir ?

  3. Sir, Can you tell me how i can register with council of Homoeopathic system of Medicine, Haryana as i will be moving in Faridabad (Haryana) after few months? And how long is the procedure of registration?

    • THIS is the real fact and social position position of a homoeopath.I think the whole Homoeopathic community is responsible for this.Simply Govt. of any state and even Central Govt.does not pay any respect to us.But are we ashamed about it?My answer is no, never.Whatever the situation demands we’ll never change our mentality ans so the society.I hope Our Master’s sole is Crying in heaven seeing this all happenings.

        • Abhisekh, its our duty to prove that Homoeopathy is d best system in medical science . don’t care others . and remember we homeopaths ourself own enemy .

          • wanna inform you ppl that sooner we may lose right to write dr. infront of our names replacing it with homeopath. IMA and other authorities have passed this bill already! And Ayurvedic docs wud b replacing dr by vaidya! but allopaths wud write dr as ever

      • coz we studied 6 year duration course and we are capable of handling all acute and ofcourse chronic diseases friends lets join together and show them what can Hahnemanns teachings can do just show them we are not lacking from any aspect of medical teachings and why Hahnemann and many other doctors leave allopathy………………………………………………………

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