KES the free software for Homoeopathy doctors

KESKES: Khedekar Expert System the free software for Homoeopathy doctors

You can search the homeopathic treatment which corresponds to a disease or find information on homeopathic remedies.

No advertisements. Hahnemannian Classical Homoeopathy prescriber.

This guide presents the main homeopathy and homeopathic medicines for different diseases or minor ailments that could be treated with this medicine.

Download from Google play 


  1. The file does not have the proper extension, therefore could not be downloaded
    soi the developers must have proper file in order to download them.

    Thanks for your attention

    Dr. A. M. Ariff
    Kuala Lumpur

  2. The software can be used for free, only for 5 cases, then you need to pay to use it further.

    Its not totally free like Shifa’s Kent Repertory.

    So kindly also add the conditions bound with that software.

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