Kerala Pay revision of Medical,Dental teachers revision 2009

Health     &  Family    Welfare    Department–Medical        Education    Service   –   Pay   and Allowances       of   teachers     in   Government       Medical,     Dental,    Nursing      and Pharmaceutical Science Colleges in the State- Revised – Orders Issued.


 G.O. (P) 318 /2009/H&FWD                 Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 10.09.2009

 Read: 1. GO (P) 145/2000/H&FWD dated 16.06.2000

            2. GO (P) 35/01/Fin. Dated 04.01.2001.

        3. Letter No.F4/7489/09 dated 25.04.2009, 10.06.09,  08.07.09 and 04.08.2009   from the Director of Medical Education,       Thiruvananthapuram.


As   per   the   Government   Order   read   as   1st  paper,   Government   had   issued  orders    revising   the  scales  of  pay  of  the  teaching   staff  of  Medical,   Dental   and Pharmaceutical Science Colleges in the State w.e.f. 01.01.1996. As per Government

Order 2nd    paper   above,   the   scales   of   pay   of   teaching staff of Government Nursing colleges   have   also   been   revised. As   per   these   Government   Orders   AICTE   Scales  have    been   allowed   to  these  categories.  Ten   years  have   elapsed   since  these   pay revision orders have been issued. So various service organisations have demanded to   revise  the  pay   scales  of  teachers   in  Government      Medical    /Dental/Nursing /Pharmaceutical        Science   Colleges    in  the   state   in  par   with    UGC     Scheme.

Government have examined    the whole case in detail and taken into consideration the various aspects in this regard and are pleased to        revise the pay scales of teachers in Government Medical /Dental/Nursing  /Pharmaceutical Science Colleges in the state w.e.f  01.01.2006 as per UGC Scheme.    The details are shown in the Annexures of this order.

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