Kerala Enhanced the Salary of temporary Homeopathy teachers

As per the Government Order, sanction was accorded to the Principal and Controlling Officer, Government Homoeopathic Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram to fill up the vacant posts of tutor under the approved staff pattern on Contract/Adhoc basis in the two Government      Homoeopathic     Medical   Colleges   with  a  remuneration   of  Rs.300  per day/Rs.7500 per mensum.

As per the representation , the temporary tutors on daily wages have requested to increase their remuneration now being granted to them based on the Government order read as first paper above as they are performing duties like Out  patient, In  patient , Medical Camps, Clinical demonstrations along with Lecture to students regularly.

After having examined the matter in detail with reference to the letters read above and connected documents, Government are pleased to enhance the consolidated amount from Rs.7,500/    per  month   to  Rs.15,000/ (Rs.  Fifteen  Thousand   only)   per  month   to  the temporary tutors working in the two Government Homoeopathic Medical Colleges with prospective effect.

Download the Kerala Govt GO :

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