Kerala Drug Controller banned plastic bottles in Homoeopathy

Kerala Drug Controller as per Order No. L.122253/11/DC  dated 29.12.2011 banned the use of plastic containers in Homoeopathic medicine dispensing.

As per schedule M1 of Drugs and Cosmetic  Rules 1945, it is found that plastic containers may not be used, as they are react with the ingredients present in Homoeopathic Medicine.

You are instructed to desist from using plastic containers in Homoeopathic Medicines and inform the compliance to this office.

Yours faithfully


Drug Controller/ IC
Office of the Drug Controller

Source : Homoeosasthravedi 2012 March issue


  1. Prevent availability from stockist, automatically Dr will find alternative of plastic i.e. glass bottle.

  2. Need to have check of presentation of Homoeopathic medicnes is a must, at present Homoeopathic medicnes mostly are dispensed mostly in cheap quality containers Doctors are always looking towards cheap containers, need is welcome.
    Even glass bottles made up of neutral glass only had to be recommended and used.
    At present pet bottles are replacing glass bottles it use may also be examined

  3. It is not only Homeopathic medicines but also some of the allopathic medicines also react with plastic containers and if so why not the same also not banned.The decision will increase the cost of the medicines and poor has to bear the same.

  4. We can’t oppose because plastic can react with ingredients in Homoeopathic
    Medicines. That is a known fact.
    Undoubtedly, it will improve the quality. Some doctors even use the cheapest bottles which are meant to refill perfumes.
    I welcome the decision, but no doubt, treatment become costly, patients have to bear!

  5. But in the Govt. sector can use plastic bottles, is an exemption. Am I correct ? If anybody have any doubt, they can visit Homoeopathic dispensaries.

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