Kentian- Homoeopathy Software Programme

rp patelBy Dr R P Patel of India

Based on 6th edition of Organon of Medicine, Chronic miasm by Hahnemann and Kent’s Repertory.

A continous research work in homoeopathy of 65 years by Dr. Ramanlal P. Patel presents, renovated & innovated and finally upgraded to Windows 8 and 8.1.

KENTIAN – Homoeopathic Computer Program (Software for Repertorisation)

Based on;

  1. Organon of Medicine, 6″‘ Edition; 1921 by Samuel Hahnemann: Para. 3,79,80,81,82,133,153,206,209,210,211,212,213. Please read carefully these para.
  2. Chronic diseases, Their Nature and Homoeopathic Treatment by Hahnemann.
  3. Repertory of the Homoeopathic Materia Medica by James T. Kent; Sixth American Edition.

Note : All homoeopathic Computer Programs are based on KENT’S REPERTORY around the whole Homoeopathic world, then why who made programs did not know and have not included the Fountain of knowledge on homoeopathy, the ORGANON OF MEDICINE and alsoCHRONIC DISEASES by Hahnemann on which Homoeopathy stands as a science and art like a rock of Gibraltar.

  • Why you need all 10 or 20 or 30 and more repertories on computer to repertorise cases?
  • Addition of medicines without verification in clinics at least 15 to 50 times are necessary (Kent) or essential to be placed or introduced in the Repertory and in what grade?
  • New additions, are they proved ones or clinical or imaginative?.
  • New additions of medicine rarely comes out within 10 or 15 top remedies in cases which are repertorised.
  • Also why you need all 400 or 500 Homoeopathic Materia Medica in computer programs for repertorisation when books are there?
  • In Materia Medica signs and symptoms are NOT graded and given any importance. And at what price?
  • Rs 40,000 and more! Is it all for money or business?
  • All are having FLAT replertorisation programs with rubrics, medicines with their grades and totalmarks, and no artificial or self intelligence programs.
  • Thinking and choosing a similar or simillimum is not there.

We offer an award or reward of Rs 25,000 and even Rs 50,000 if their programs are according to ours and based on Organon of Medicine and Chronic Miasms.

Can any homoeopathic program offer the following ?

KENTIAN has a built in Artificial Intelligence system. it does automatically the Analysis, Evaluation, and even classifies the Miasms for you. The result screen displays the simillimum along with its miasmatic classification.

CLASSIFICATION: The built in Artificial Intelligence system automatically classifies the symptoms instantly even though you select symptoms in a random order. The program automatically classifies them to order by sorting them into Mentals, Physical Generals, and Particulars.

ANALYSIS: It also automatically does Analysis (automatic classification of symptoms in order of Mentals, Physical Generals, and Particulars).

EVALUATION: (automatic classification of symptoms in order of Mentals: Will, Emotion, Intellect/Understanding, Memory, Dreams; Physical General, Pathological General, Pathological,

Particular, Particular, Rare/Uncommon/Peculiar(Characteristic), and common symptoms). The list will show in the order so that the most important symptom in the list will stand first and their remedies.

MIASMS: (automatic classification of miasms according to Psora, Sycosis and Syphilis, Latent Psora, Latent Sycosis, Latent Syphilis and their remedies). Classi?es patients whether they are Psoric, Sycotic, Syphilitic, or of mixed Miasm (Para 40 and its footnote, Para 206), and also shows which miasm is predominant to treat (Hahnemann).

Repertorlsatlon: Entry of symptoms by,

  • Chapter method.
  • Symptoms by search method
  • Symptoms by code method.

This is first time in the history of Homoeopathy for easy entry of symptoms.

The whole Kent’s Repertory from Mind to Generalas, from General Rubric to Sub-rubric is coded. You can print out for reference to enter only code no. of rubrics. lf you want us to supply code nos. of rubrics on A4 size paper we charge Rs. 100/- and registration fee of Rs.25/- extra.

There are 4 different types of repertorisation to suit you;

  1. Normal usual method of repertorisation.
  2. RUPS method (Rare, uncommon, Peculiar, Striking or Singular or Strange, Para-153.) or the artistic method of repertorisation of Hahnemann and Kent.
  3. Miasmatic method of repertorisation.(Hahnemann and Allen)
  4. Homoeopathic Expert“ System method of repertorisation. What you think best you can do best with it. A step by step method leads you to the simillimum.

Shows instantly the remedies and also shows the marks, percentage, weightage and the miasms of each and every remedy.

Shows instantly the comparative study chart of the above four different methods for comparison and thinking for the choice of the remedy.

It has also ADVANCED management of Patients for day to clay practice.


  • 15000 for India.
  • US Dollars S500 for other countries.

Send amount by Bank Draft. Packing & Postage free.

The Director,
Dr. R.P.Patel institute of Homoeopathy for Research & Education,
Atma jyoti Ashram Road, Subhanpura,
Vadodara 390023. Gujarat, INDIA.

Ph: +91-265-2390089


  1. Dear Nived
    I think our prime work is find remedy from Rep and then comp. with MM/Therap. for similinum. For the above you can find almost in all Software.So if you want vast and big software it may need little more price and you may choice like Hompath ( It has also pt manegement with it ) and if you want Clinic manegement software(Account,etc) hompath also give you.
    2nd if you want low price software with pt manegement (not Clinic Manegement-i’e-Account etc) then you can go SIMILIMUM ULTRA which is best in lower price-it is a complete software for practice with various startegy for Rep
    I used both

  2. Nived…. I suggest the software HomoeoPULSE. You can get its details from their website At repertory level it has only KENT, but the best in the clinic management side. Its price starts below Rs.5000/- for online model. Its far advanced, and one thing I appreciate is they keep updating every minutes. Service and support also good.

  3. Dear Sir,

    At First i Congratulate for your work and i hop it will great help to Homoeopathy and we can get help from your vast exeperience But whether one can practice onthe basis of only Kent Rep.? Other Rep has no value ? (Which was given in Various software ).Regarding Price one can get Low cost Software below Rs-10,000/- with all popular Rep ( For Example-Hompaths-more than 20 Rep and Varipus usefull Books.AND one can get a Verry good Software From Dr.CHANDRAN KC name Simimum Ultra with 4 Rep( Kent,Bor,Bon,Bog) and vast ,simple rep. tool. I thanks to Dr.Chandran KC for giveing great discount (Actual price Rs9000/- but he give Discount to Dr’s at the cost Rs.3000/- ) .I think a vast no. of homeopath are benifited during the period as wel as homeopathy socity
    So kindly do’t bleam other which is harmfull to our socity .I hop Kentian get agrate sucsess
    Thanking you

    • Dear Dr.Arjun,

      Actually which is the software you are using? Which is the value for money you think…? Please advise me. I am a beginner. Also I would like to have all clinic management features in the software. Patient’s registration appointment management, accounts, stock etc.

  4. The price of this software for India is rs 15000 while for other countries like for Pakistan is 500 dollars which is expensive and also money transfer to India is not allowed.
    What offer do you have for us.

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