Joint American Homeopathic seminar 2012 Washington

7th Joint American Homeopathic seminar 2012 organized by National Center of Homeopathy, USA to be held at Washington DC in April 2012. Happy to have an opportunity to meet 2008 noble prize recipient for medicine Dr.Luc Montagnier and speak in the advance seminar segment

This year’s (2012) conference promises to be a spectacular, world-class event. We have a roster of speakers that reads like a “Who’s Who” of world-class teachers. We are especially honored that Dr. Luc Montagnier, recipient of the 2008 Nobel Prize for his discovery of the HIV virus, will present live, in person, at this year’s conference. Dr. Montagnier is just one of the world-class presenters on the roster for our 2102 conference.

JAHC 2012 is a gathering of the entire homeopathic community: practitioners from all of the professional organizations, including NASH, AIH, HANP, and HNA; students; and interested members of the public. Alongside the advanced and introductory workshops, this year’s special events include film previews and a thought-provoking panel discussion by some of today’s leading homeopathic thinkers. A vendor exhibit area, Friday evening reception and a roundtable luncheon round out this not-to-be missed 3-day weekend!

Whether you’re a homeopathy student, a professional homeopath, or someone who treats family and friends at home – there’s a place for you at the Annual Joint American Homeopathic Conference this coming April 20-22.

Introductory Seminars – Saturday and Sunday

  • On Saturday and Sunday, April 21st & 22nd  Topics include:
  • No More Morning Sickness!
  • Integrating Homeopathy with Nutrition, Herbal and Allopathic Medicine
  • Your Beautiful Bones
  • Homeopathy in Times of Crisis
  • Homeopathic Insights in Dentistry
  • Fun with First Aid

Senior Citizens may take 10% off conference seminar fees if in financial need. Please provide proof of age (65+). Students in financial need may contact NCH regarding possible discounts.

Special Needs
Persons with disabilities may request reasonable accommodations (e.g. sign language interpreter) by contacting NCH. Requests should be made as early as possible.

National Center for Homeopathy
101 S. Whiting St., Suite 315, Alexandria VA 22304-3416
Phone (703) 548-7790
Toll Free (877) 624-0613
Fax (703) 548-7792


  1. I want to attend the seminar to be held in April-2013. Would you please inform me with further information please.

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