International Recognition of Educational Qualifications at New Delhi

educationThe National Board of Accreditation (NBA) is organizing WOSA 2014, the second in WOSA series of biennial conferences.

On 8th-10th March, 2014 in New Delhi, India.

The focus of WOSA 2014 will be on the ‘International Recognition of Educational Qualifications’– a theme that is of great significance globally in the context of trade and technical services world-wide.

The conference will facilitate free discussion on the means and mechanisms of enabling and promoting mobility of students and working professionals, parameters and criteria for accreditation, concerns and plans for assurance of quality world-wide, the educational framework in various countries, and mutual recognition of academic qualifications.

Venue : The Ashok
50 B, Diplomatic Enclave , Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, Delhi-110021, India

A) International recognition of professional qualifications

  • Desired outcomes of a contemporary professional education
  • Independent measures of quality in education
  • The Role of the Professional Organizations and industry in developing quality parameters for accreditation
  • Educational Qualification Frameworks of countries and how they map with each other
  • Credit transfer for facilitating study abroad experiences 

B) Harmonization in accreditation practices

  • Harmonizing standards of professional education world-wide
  • Accreditation for sustainable improvement in quality of professional education.
  • Accreditation of Integrated Programmes across undergraduate and postgraduate levels
  • Accreditation and the mobility of students and professionals 

C) Bridging academia and industry

  • Role of industry in outcomes based professional education
  • Experiential learning through internships and multidisciplinary capstone experiences
  • Participation of industry in curriculum design and delivery 

D) Outcome Assessment Tools

  • Outcome assessment tools and their role in improving quality
  • Direct and indirect measures of learning outcomes
  • Case studies in the use of outcomes assessment for improving learning
  • Correlation between achieving outcomes and achieving program objectives 

E) Role Of Government And Public Policy In Accreditation

  • How can government policies encourage quality in higher education?
  • A watch-dog versus a facilitator role
  • Case studies of good practices in quality improvement
  • Perspective of policy makers towards global recognition of qualifications 

Thought leaders from different parts of the world will assemble in New Delhi for exchanging their views on the issues surrounding “International Recognition of Educational Qualifications” on the platform of WOSA 2014.

Invitees include senior academicians from public and private universities from India and abroad, leading members of the industry world-wide, policy makers and legislators and representatives of professional bodies and accreditation agencies.


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