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Homoeopathic Repertorisation Software HRES is developed with an idea of making a simple but a good user friendly homoeopathic software.

Science of Homoeopathy is like an ocean with unlimited length and breadth. One has to dive deep into the vast ocean of homoeopathic literature to correctly assess the underlying nature of a medicine which matches with the nature of the patient to prescribe the simillimum.

Unlike other systems of medicine, the science of homoeopathy, its vast literature, the proving, the treatment methods, medicines used etc remains unaltered, except few recent researches and advancements. Hence the fundamentals works from the Masters are the basis of this software. Homoeo doctors feel that No Repertory is complete in all respects. Same is the opinion about multitudes of Materia Medica available today. Hence the names of remedies are synchronized in all the repertories for using these repertories together while Repertorising.

Basic Features of the Software
1. Repertories of KENT, BOERICKE are included, in addition to repertory of Boger’s Synoptic key.
2. Repertory to Hering’s Guiding symptoms by Dr. Knerr is included.
3. Repertory to Boenninghausen’s Therapeutic pocket book is included.
4. Miasm can be Repertorised and the miasmatic remedy after taking into account all the symptoms of the patient can be repertorised out.
5. Doctors can create and use their own repertory along with other Repertories.
6. Repertories can be used together since the remedy names are made uniform in all the repertories.
7. Eliminative Repertory is a unique feature.
8. Materia Medica from Masters like. Herings, Allen, Clarke, Boenninghausen, Boericke, Kent, Nash, Lippe, Phatak, and many others with search facility.
9. Search mechanism is given through out the software.
10. Comparative Materia Medica compiled from the Repertories is a special feature.
11. Inclusion of Thesaurus (similar words) for cross reference search, English dictionary, Medical dictionary etc at the appropriate places are special features.
12. Clinical experiences from Masters and lots of others included may help to analyze a case in hand and prescribe the most suited simillimum.
13. Classical articles of Masters.
14. Homoeopathic philosophy from Organon to the contemporary are included.
15. Human physiology , Anatomy , Allopathic way of approach to diseases and its management are included as an enhancement for reference.
16. Diagnostic Tests and procedures as per the Allopathic way is included for reference.
17. TOTAL SEARCH facility is also an added feature.
18. Management of Repertorised files and Treatment files.

Computer Requirements
A computer with 32 Mb RAM or higher , Color monitor, CD drive, floppy drive with optional printer.

No high end Software platforms are required to be installed to run this software. A Hard disk space of 1000 Mb(1 GB) is required to install this software.

This Software can work even in the DOS (Disk Operating system) on which the Computer works. Even if the Windows Operating system is not working properly, this software will work in a DOS installed computer. No mouse click. Keyboard may be used instead.

How to Use the Software
Most of the key board commands for using the software are provided at the screen Menu itself. These are included in the ‘Help’ menu itself for any reference. A print out of this may be helpful during the initial period of using the software.

Immense Volume of Homoeopathic literatures included has no match to the low price of the software.

Special Note
The massive volumes of Homoeopathic literatures included like Repertories, Materia Medica etc are verified to a very high degree. Still if any clerical mistakes are found in any of them, the same may be informed for correction.

Also the Software is not intended for very minute Analysis and Research of Repertories or Materia Medica, but to present the original works as it is with necessary search facilities.

If the Software is found useful to the Homoeopathic Doctors community even to a smallest degree, the developers are satisfied.

Please visit . Demo version (winzip file,, free downloadable is placed in the website. If you experience any trouble in downloading(3.85 Mb size by clicking on the yellow star, try 2-3 times, then it will be o.k. . Please ensure that downloaded zip file is 3.85 Mb in size.


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