Hospital Management Conference & CIMS Healthcare awards

seminar1On 19 – 20 July 2014

Hospital Management Conference (HMC) has effectively for the past three years identified real challenges and problems faced by management in the health sector.

HMC 2014 aims to provide healthcare management with practical solutions to meet the ever-increasing demands placed on healthcare resources.

The conference offers a tangible learning and sharing opportunity for all management levels in public and private hospitals and clinics, and the health care sector in general.

HMC offers hospital managers the opportunity to learn specific tools and techniques to do their jobs better, in an environment of quality learning and networking with peers.

Who to Attend?

Participants and Delegates Profile:

  • Hospital Owners, Directors and Administrators
  • Doctors and Medics
  • Health Care Services
  • Investors for Health Care Industry
  • Students of Healthcare Management
  • Architects and Interior Designers
  • Software Developers
  • Purchase Managers
  • Construction Professionals

Benefits Of Hospital Management Conference 2014

  • Certificate
  • Successful business models
  • Safety and risk management in hospital design
  • Impact of lean and six sigma in healthcareexcellence
  • Benefits and trends in outsourcing patientcare/clinical services/IT support
  • Medico-legal and healthcare insurance tips
  • Proven disaster management techniques
  • Innovations in supply chain management
  • The roadmap to an effective healthcare system
  • Networking with industry stalwarts

For further details and registrations contact:
Mob : +91 9930937020/ 9619106846 /02266122653
Email :

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