Hompath Wildfire – new generation homeopathy software

After 6 years of grand success of Hompath M. D. version, we are launching absolutely mind blowing, useful, with largest database of world – Hompath Wildfire.

This new work is a compilation of intellectual efforts of last 30 years by Dr. Jawahar Shah and his team. At Hompath, we are a dedicated team of doctors and IT professionals providing variety of technical solutions and applications for the health care fraternity for over 3 decades. We have 30,000 satisfied users from more than 87 countries across the world. It helps you not just to get the basics, but to get the whole picture of remedy, complete permutations and combinations, wide range of international, expert and regional repertories.

The ultimate aim of any practitioner is to get better and correct remedy; the latest software can increase the success rate at least 10 times more than what a physician would do without one.

Brief comparison of Hompath Wildfire with Hompath M. D.:

Feature List

Hompath M. D.

Hompath Wildfire

Total No. of Pages

100000 197000

No. of repertories

29 37

No. of Authors

290 2700

No. of Remedy Information

2183 More than 3000

No.  of Cured Cases


No.  of Clinical Tips

More than 3000

No. of Articles

4000 5000

Complete Repertory 2011

No Yes

Murphy Clinical Repertory

No Yes

Repertory of elements – Jan Scholten

No Yes

Works of ICR – Dr. M. L. Dhawale

No Yes

Works of Dr. Prafull Vijayakar

No Yes

Works of Dr. Rajan Shankaran

No Yes

Works of Dr. Jan Scholten

Yes Updates added

Works of Drs. Sehgal

No Yes

Works of Dr. Parinaz Humranwala

No Yes

Murphy Materia Medica

No Yes

Source and author information in repertories

No Yes

Live Search (Search as you type)

No Yes

Scientific information on groups and families

No Yes

Remedy keynotes, pictures and relationships

Yes Updates added

Reasons why students and doctors should opt for this software:

  1. We are number 1 homoeopathic software in India and amongst first 3 globally.
  2. It has 197000 pages of information with millions of permutations and combinations to find the correct remedy from.
  3. It has more than 5000 cured cases which allow you to learn and to fall back upon for reference in difficult and pathologically advanced cases.
  4. It has more than 5000 articles which are as old as 1890 and as recent as 2011, so it gives you wide range of experience, knowledge and wisdom of over a century of heritage right across the globe from 2800 authors.
  5. It is possible for the physician to type the symptoms while the patient is giving history and immediately see the result.
  6. It has incorporated the latest research provings and findings of new and old remedies which makes it the biggest encyclopedia of the highest level of work of integrity which can transform the practice of any individual or a group.
  7. It can have a beautiful case record which can take the direct symptoms from 16 different languages and can work out a case, this would save at least 2 hours of time of a senior practioner for every new case.
  8. It has latest Roger Van Zandvoort’s Complete Repertory 2011 (CR2011) and Robin Murphy’s Homoeopathic Clinical Repertory which makes finding a perfect similimum easy.
  9. It has got expert systems which have been developed based on 1000 of cases experienced by masters like Kent, Boeninghausen, Boger, Sehgal, Parinaz, Vijayakar and Scholten. These decision support systems give us a chance to view the same case differently and allow us to prescribe a correct medicine which can help 1000s of patients.
  10. Images
  11. Number of new books are added from Roger Van Zandvoort, Robin Murphy, Jan Scholten, Dr. Parinaz Humranwala, Dr. Ajit Kulkarni, Dr. Rajan Shankaran, Dr. Prabhakar Shetty, Dr. Prafull Vijayakar, Dr. Chetna Shukla and complete works of Institute of Clinical Research (ICR), Drs. Sehgal Brothers and many more are now part of the new version.
  12. Simplified global search.
  13. Instant access to 1000s of themes and cross references for similar rubrics.
  14. Complete classification information and source of more than 3000 remedies is available in the software.
  15. All features in a single screen.
  16. Comparing 2 or more remedies instantly.
  17. Use of latest in technology with features like text to speech so a doctor can sit back, relax and learn new medicines.
  18. You can add audio, video, multimedia as and when required to compare before treatment and after treatment results.
  19. This version can be connected directly with reporting systems so that headquarters can have every details and report instantaneously.
  20. The software can be connected with hospital management system (HMS), Multi Clinic Management System (MCMS) and web based clinic which makes it most versatile user friendly software of the world.
  21. ICD 10 data incorporated.

Hompath Wildfire Unique Features List:

  1. Various Schools of thoughts
  2. ICR
  3. Predictive Homoeopathy
  4. Sensation Method
  5. Seigal Method
  6. Temperament Method
  7. Jan Scholten – Periodic Table
    1. Coming Soon
    2. Multilingual repertories – International languages and Hindi
    3. ICD 10 data
      1. 3 Different Case History forms
      2. Allopathic drug data for reference (More than 570 drugs)
      3. Repertory display in classic and book like view
      4. 462 NEW books in the MM and library. (More coming!)
      5. More than 800 Remedy Relationships
      6. More than 1500 keynotes
      7. More than 3000 Clinical tips
      8. More than 3000 remedies’ information
      9. 615 patient instructions
      10. 72 Diet and nutrition tips.
      11. Quick case record (24×7).
      12. Health Calculator for doctors and dietitians.
      13. Instant Repertorization as you type using Quick rep and repertorial Totality
      14. Simplified Repertory search.
      15. Search as you type using Live Search
      16. Source and Author Information of each remedy in Classic 2011 repertory
      17. Instant access to Cross reference and themes
      18. Improved Remedy property and key note database.
      19. Quick connectivity of remedy to its cases, Materia Medica and clinical tips
      20. Instant Materia Medica and Library Search
      21. Improved reading of Materia Medica categorized by Remedy, Author and book wise
      22. Single point, Quick access of Remedy information using Remedy tools
      23. Single point, Quick access of Rubric information using Rubric tools
      24. 7 Expert Systems in a single software with their analysis, cases and books
      25. Quick recording of symptoms from any screen using Global Clipboards
      26. Drag and drop symptoms to clipboard from any screen
      27. Built in Utilities for Health calculator, Potency selector, Diet n Nutrition.
      28. 30.   List of repertories:
Roger Van Zandvoort’s Complete Repertory 2011
Robin Murphy’s Homoeopathic Clinical Repertory
Jan Scholten’s Repertory of Elements
Kent’s Repertory on Homoeopathic Materia Medica
Boenninghausen’s Therapeutic Pocket Book
Boenninghausen’s Characteristics and Repertory – C. M. Boger
Allen’s Index to Materia Medica
Oscar E. Boericke’s Repertory
Clinical Repertory – J. H. Clarke
Repertory to the symptoms of Intermittent fever – W. A. Allen
Concordance Repertory of Materia  Medica (6  Vols.) – Gentry
Repertory of Hering’s Guiding symptoms of our Materia Medica – Knerr
Repertory to the more Characteristic  Symptoms – Lippe
Concise repertory of Homoeopathic Medicines – Phatak
Sensations as if – H. A. Roberts
20 Special and regional repertories including Dr. Ajit Kulkarni’s, Dr. Prabhakar Shetty’s, Asthma Repertory etc.
Therapeutic Repertory
Unabridged Dictionary of Sensations (2 Vols.) – J.  W. Wards

Visit : www.hompath.com


  1. The software demo is very impressive and tempting to buy, but the price difference for M.D version users is too high, this should be considered by company as a request ………Dr Indraneel Bawadekar M.D.(hom) L.L.B pune .

  2. I use hompath MD and its previous version last 8 yr and i m very satisfy with software and also with impress with inprovement in all new version last wk i purchase wildfire its also very good still i not use its all features but which features i used its very good and impressive posetive features is Quiqk case record its save too much time in acute cases

  3. What to do with so much information? Why so many repertories? It seems like a retaurant menu. Homeopathy is difficult to master and maybe one could use 10% of Wildfire in practice.
    I prefer Vithoulkas Compass. It is accurate and based on a true master’s experience and it includes less and more confirmed information.

  4. If the software is expensive, I am sure it has that much of value built in to it. In this competitive world, its difficult to price a product with high margins and most of the time, the product is sold at wafer-thin margins that primarily ensures only sustenance for the company. Price, in such a software, is function of knowledge and information built in to it. And in the age of ‘information’ this does come at a premium. This directly translates in to a higher price. In most markets, I have seen people graduate to such thoughts and invest in the right tools. And ofcourse the whole ecosystem flourishes over a period of time. For the consumer, it could be a take/leave it situation as it is difficult for the company to sell below the costs. This generally leads to filtering where people who take the jump usually find value in the product, grow and also have more matured outlook towards other products in the market.

    But a product cannot be compared to any older version. Thats a straight road to nowhere.

  5. I am a Homapth WildFire user. It has been just one month that I have bought this new version of software. I have been using Hompath MD. I find it to be good as it has a huge collection of repertories and well presented data which I found are very useful in my practice. I use Acute Expert System and Tempraz. Analyzing by its large amount of data, its user-friendly structure and its Expert Systems I feel it is much better than its older version. The best feature I felt about it is you can access everything from a single screen. The filters and tools are also commendable. I personally feel that this software is totally worth the amount as no other software provides these features in this price.

  6. I have the same view as Dr. Arjun Charan Rout. Please give us the users of Homopath Classic Vr.8, Homopath MD and such other versions to upgrade to the wildfire version with a reasonable price.

  7. It is very good software for homoeopaths but price is high, specially for previous version user . It is the deuty of Company to give chance to upgrade previous version with a minimal price for which we all user of Hompath can benifeted

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