Homoeopathy South Africa Conference at Capetown

The     HSA    Congress     has   become       synonymous        with   high    class,  exciting    presentations       that   highlight    the  activities     of  the   profession      locally   and    internationally.      This   event,   which      combines      the   AGM      of  the  association with a national conference bringing together the best minds in homoeopathy and CAM, is once  again upon us starting in April 2012.

Date and Venue : HSA Congress 2012 will be held in Cape Town at The Vineyard Hotel and Spa, Newlands from 27-29 April 2011.

Presentations   on   Sunday   morning   until  midday   where   we invite all  delegates   to   finish   their  HSA

Theme : “Medicine for the 21st   Century”

High quality speakers are being drawn from both local and international locations, offering a diverse range  in intellectual contribution to the field of homoeopathy and its application to the broader topic. Already we have secured the following speakers:

  1. Dr Sreevals Menon from India –  the current National Secretary of the Indian Homoeopathic                 Medical Association (IHMA) and   Director   &   Senior   Consultant   AIHMS  Homoeopathy   Ltd   will provide  talks   related   to homoeopathic   research  as   well as  allergy intervention using miasmatic theory.
  2. Dr Izel Botha from  Durban,  South Africa –  the first   D.Tech   Hom in   South   Africa and   senior lecturer in the  Department   of
  3. Homoeopathy at DUT will provide a presentation on provings in homoeopathy with specific reference to African provings and  their critical application to the body of homoeopathic knowledge.
  4. Dr Maria Christodoulou from Cape Town, South Africa – the course leader for the Certificate in Integrative Medicine at the University of Stellenbosch will explore the role of the 21    century healthcare professional and that of their therapeutics.
  5. Dr David Lilley from  Cape   Town,  South   Africa –  Director of Education at   the  South   African   Faculty of   Homoeopathy
  6. Dr Natalya Dinat from Johannesburg, South Africa – from the University of the Witatersrand, a specialist in palliative care and gynaecology and current student of homoeopathy,  Dr Dinat will provide insight into the limitations of public healthcare and the need for a diverse range of health paradigms within this sphere with specific reference to homoeopathy.
  7. Dr Jurgens Staats from Hartswater, South Africa – having completed his M.Tech Hom at the University of Johannesburg Dr       Staats undertook practice in the rural setting of his home town to discover the curative power of homoeopathy but also the       practical limitations imposed by his scope of practice. Having returned to study medicine at the University of Witwatersrand,
  8. Dr Staats will present the benefits and frustrations of the current scope of practice within a rural healthcare setting.
  9. Dr Craig Wright from Cape Town, South Africa – registered homoeopath (M.Tech Hom (TN)) and phytotherapist (MSc Herbal  Med   (Wales)),   Dr   Wright   will   provide   a  look   at   herbal   products   used   in   African   Traditional   Medicine   and   their   potential  relationship to homoeopathy and all of CAM

 Day Package – which includes attendance of all lectures on all 3 days of the conference including:   lunch on all 3 days, cocktail dinner on Friday night and formal dinner on Saturday night.

Stay-Over   Package  –  which   includes   attendance   of   all   lectures   on   all   3   days   of   the   conference  including: lunch on all 3 days, cocktail dinner on Friday night and formal dinner on Saturday night as     well   as two     nights’   accommodation        at  the   Vineyard    Hotel  for   either   single  or  sharing    rates dependent on your preference.

Link : http://www.hsa.org.za/misc/CONF12/Introduction%20Letter%20-%20HSA%20Congress%202012.pdf

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