Homoeopathy remedies for weakness

 Homoeopathy remedies and their indication in  various weakness

1. Weakness with ears´s buzzing: China officinalis

2. Weakness in abdomen: Phosphorus

3. Weakness to climb stairs: Iodum

4. Weakness of Heart: Irregular and intermitente: Naja, Kali carb.

5. Wakness cervical: Cocculus indicus.

6. Weakness to walk, you loose: Cocculus indicus.

7. Weakness to descend downstairs: Stannum

8. Weakness, fades to walk, by cold, wet, travel extreme heat: Sepia off.

9. Weakness with decreased vital force: Carbo Vegetabilis, arsenicum album, muriatic acidum, camphora, veratrum album…Lacking vital force: Lauroceraseus.

10. Weakness General: Silicea, arsenicum album, hyosciamus Níger, kali carbonicum, baptista, gelsemium, picnic acidum, iodum met, selenium, cocculus indicus, carbo animalis, sulphuricum acidum, ferrum metallicum, natrum muriaticum.

11. Weakness: General progressive: Hyosciamus Níger

12. Weakness: general muscular: kali-Carbonicum.

13. Weakness; general and lassitude: Árnica montana.

14. Weakness: Male genitalia: Selenium

15. Intense weakness and reduction of forces: Digitalis purpurea.

16. Intensive weakness after to eat: Natrum Muriaticum

17. Weakness by fluid loss: China officinalis.

18. Weakness in the lumbar región, loose when walk: Cocculus indicus.

19. Weakness and fatigue in the neck:: Zincum metallicum

20. Weakness in the chest: Phosphoricum acidum, stannum met, sulphur.

21. Weakness as if it came from the chest, barely can speak: Stannum.

22. Weakness by blood loss: China officinalis.

23. Weakness of ankles in children: Carbo animalis, silicea

24. Weakness of ankles, walk on the inner side of  : Natrum carbonicum

25. Weakness with vision loss: China officinalis.

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