Homoeopathy for Traveler’s Sickness

travelling?ARNICA MONTANA 30-  Fatigue after travelling by air or a long distance

?BAPTISIA TINC. 30-  – Shipboard fevers

?BELLADONNA 30-  Air sickness in aviators. Give as a preventive, before boarding an aero plane

?BELLIS PRENNIS 30-  A good remedy for railway travelers. And other travelers who get backache and muscular soreness on travelling . Railway spine

?BORAX 30-  Great fear of travelling in a plane, when it descends to land

?CHIA OFF. 30-  Fatigue after loss of blood and other vital fluids

?COCA 30- Many complaints of ?mountaineering are covered by this remedy. Palpitation, dyspnea, anxiety and insomnia

?COCCULUS INDICUS 30-  Nausea and vertigo from riding in a ?car, ?boat also sea sickness

?LAC DEF. 30-  Car sickness

?NITRIC ACID 30-  Marked improvement in all symptoms while riding in a ?carriage

?NUX VOMICA 30-  Problems of digestion in air travelers

?PETROLEUM 30- Ailments from riding in ?cars, ?carriages and ships

?PLATINUM MET 30- Constipation of travelers who are constantly changing food and water

?SANICULA AQUA 30-  Nausea and vomiting from riding a car

?TABACUM 30-  Sea sickness. Faint, sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach. Nausea

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