Homoeopathy Connecting mind

Dr Monimala Pramanick (Sen) M.D.(Hom.)
Lecturer of Organon of medicine Depertment
Naiminath Homoeopathic Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre Agra

Mind is a very critical and important part of human body. Mind deals with actual experience and sets out by exact behavior. Many times it is observed that best treatment based on physical general symptoms is of no use because there may be some hidden mental symptoms which help us to determine the curative remedy for that patient.

The aim of study according to mind is to discover and understand the nature, function and phenomena of behavior and mental experience and to give medicine after analyzing the mental symptoms.

The objective is to determine the individuality of a patient particularly from a mental side.

We collect the data by case taking and observation not on the basis of intuition, belief or opinion. As homoeopathy tells us that individual differ because individual person is unique in his own. And they differ because there is structural and functional variation in each of them. Individual person has his own perceptual way of living and life.


Once I have got a patient in September 15 th, 2016. Her father died before one month and at that time she was out station. She came to me because she could feel and see her father. She knew that was her illusion but this sense of presence made her depressed and she was in grief. She wept and asked me ‘Doctor why my father is not alive?’She told, one day while in a bus as she was sleeping and awake in a jerk she saw in a glance her father was standing in front of her. Everywhere she could feel him. She couldn’t sleep at night not for fear but she only wept. She told me that if she was near her father may be he would not die. Her menses also not appeared.

First of all her symptoms appear after this incidence. She has the illusion of her father. She wake up at night and weep. She thought that she had neglected her duty. Insanity with suppressed menses remembered me ignatia. I prescribed her Ignatia 200, 4 doses and told her to come after 15 days. After 15 days she came .She told ‘Now I can sleep at night but from 2-3 days I wake up and cry for him. I am not seeing and feeling him like before. Stool: Once in a day and satisfactory, Dream: of father,   Appetite: After giving ignatia it improves. Menstruation: Before 2days started.

 I gave her placebo and told to come after 7 days. Disturbed sleep, weeping and her feeling of attachment with father forced me to give the complementary medicine Natrum Mur200, 4dose. After 15 days she came with well dressed and a pretty smile. I feel my patient is better now. I took the follow up of the case. She has a nice sleep. Appetite is good. I asked can u overcome that incident. Surprisingly she told “doctor it’s a natural thing. I think I must overcome this. So I continued my job from 4 days”.

Look at the improvement. Case study involves a detail investigation of a single individual. There is no theory of essence, dreams, intuition delusion about remedies and patient. Because data is collected direct from the patient, relatives, observations, questionnaires and medicine should be given according to data (symptom similarity).

If we go through Plato:

He viewed the human psyche to be of 3 parts:

1. The element of reason

2. A spirited or emotional element 

3. The element of bodily needs, appetites and desire.

So we must know before prescribing our valuable remedy that why a soft hearted ,sensitive ,less talkative person became so violent ,trembling, angry. Why a sleepy person has become sleepless one day and why a romantic poet becomes disappointed suddenly. Dr. Kent in his lecture of philosophy says,’ The man wills and understands, the cadaver does not will and does not  understand, then that which takes its departure is that which knows and wills. It is that which can be changed and is prior to the body. The combination this two, the will and the understanding constitute man, conjoined they make life and activity; they manufacture the body and cause all things of the body. With the will and understanding operation in order we have a healthy man. Then man is the will and understanding and the house which he lives in is his body.’

Conclusion: Homoeopathy in relation to mind is a very vast chapter. But the symptoms of the mind are not useful in every case of sickness. These symptoms are important only if a person is suffering from some physical ailments. Despite all the importance expressed for the symptoms of the mind, we still lack proper education in this field. It is expected that knowledge with experiences of many practitioners will help the other physician for further research in homoeopathy in mental symptoms. 


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