Homoeopathic Remedies for Ramadan-Complaints in fasting period

fastingHomoeopathic Remedies for Ramadan – Complaints from fasting 

Compiled by Dr Mansoor Ali 

Anxiety on fasting : Iod

Fear of fasting : Kreos

Headache from fasting : Lyc,Phos, Sulph

Altered taste in mouth : Brom,Bry,Merc,Puls

Eructation : Nit acid, Nux.v

Stomach complaints from fasting : Calc,Baryta,Carb -an,Nux.v

Heartburn from fasting : Nux.v, Sepia

Hiccough from fasting : Sulphur

Nausea : Lyc, Calc,Spigelia

Retching: Berb, Kali-C

Vomiting : Nat-mur

Constriction : Carb-an,Hep

Distention morning : Dulc

Flatulence : Platina, Rhod,Mag mur

Abdominal pain from fasting : Dulc

Rumbling in abdomen: Taxus buc

Respiratory compliance from fasting : Staphy 

Cough : Kali-c, Mag-m,Staphy

Chest constriction morning fasting : Sulph

Chest pain on fasting : Iod

Weakness in morning : Con

Weakness in after noon : Iod

Over eating from : Ant-c, Ipecac, Puls Lyc, Nux.v

Indigestion from over eating or too much fluid : Xanth

Stomach pain eating after fasting : Bar-carb

Heaviness loss sleep from : Zinc

Headache from loss of sleep: Nux.V

Weakness from loss f sleep: Cocc, Ip,Nat-m,Puls,Ip

UTI : Sarsaparilla

Source : RADAR & Complete Dynamics

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