Homoeopathic management of phobic anxiety disorders of children

Dr Shobhan Bose 

A child became adult gradually spending their time in early childhood and their primary school life and secondary school life. All memory of their early age is not possible to remember but some incidence was not forgotten by them even they wanting to forget this incidence but they can’t. Some incidence gives pleasure to recall memory and some incidence were painful for mind if remember or memorised. Child grows in supervision of their parents and mainly care of their mother. 

A real mother wants to save her child from all type of bad incidence or accident of her baby’s life. 

In my childhood– my mother closes my eyes by her hand to protect my observation of a bad incidence and close my ears to obstruct my ears to hear a slang language. 

We respected our parent and teachers. They controlled us easily. But now a days babies are control their parent easily. 

My mother was house wife. She had sufficient time spend with me. 

But today most of parents have no time to give their child. Father has no time due to tight job schedule in distant working area from their home but if mother is house wife then child can get love in one hand but they need love and affection of both hand, by mother and father.

 But both are working mother and father, could not spend their time for their kid. Now a day after over job time, rest of day parents are busy in club, in party, or busy in mobile apps and their child become alone mentally and physically.

 Some child spend their childhood in hostel, in orphan child home, in house of grandfather of maternal side or other relative home . 

Some time they develop in own home by the care of med servant. Baby is depriving from love and affection from their own parent normally in whole day. Their parent enters home at deep night after sleeping of their baby and left home in early morning for job when their kid can’t arise from bed.  

 The bonding becomes week between parent and kid in this situation. So their kid become depress, suffer in frightfulness, nervousness and anxiety. 

Sometime parent are discussion in front of their child to control their child’s hyper activity for example – to stop their running here and there, avoid to take food and milk, their normal naughty behave, deny their parent order etc. Parent present some fake story in front of their baby- about some fearful imaginary matter like ghost or a frightful situation like a dead body in a burning place at deep night or a lonely place in dark where someone died before or story of hunted house etc. These things help to control baby. 

Baby’s lives in an imaginary world. So sometime it creates bad effect in baby’s mind.  It may create a deep sited fear in baby’s mind which may convert into phobic anxiety disorders in babies in future.

Classification :-

Anxiety disorder may be classified mainly two category.—

1) Phobic anxiety disorders

2) Panic anxiety disorders

Classification of anxiety disorder according to ICD-10 –

F 40 Phobic anxiety disorder

 F 41Other anxiety disorders

 F 43 Reaction to severe stress & adjustment disorders

 F 44 Dissociative (conversion) disorders

 F 45 Somatoform disorders

 F 46 Other neurotic disorders

Aetiology :- Probable cause of anxiety discuss in introductory part. Some time it may be idiopathic cause .Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) , violence, abuse, genetic or hereditary factors , twin , death of love one, depression , behavioural inhibition , divorce of  parents and parent – child interaction.

Discuss about a case :-

A child suffered in phobic anxiety disorder :-
A small boy came in my clinic with his parent. He was a small cute baby, eight years old, student of class three. I was meeting him before many function; he was intelligent, studious, smart, brave, and also naughty like other normal child. He was suffering in phobic anxiety disorder. He could not go away from his room. He could not go school. He could not go alone in wash room also. He could not give a step in floor of his room. He was always in bed or in lap of his mother or father. He was suffering hallucination of black snake, black colour small animal like rat, lizard, scorpion, wasp or other black imaginary insects. They were running here and there in irregular interval on the floor here in front of his eyes. He thought if he stand or walk upon the floor any time any one of them may bite him. 

So he does not touch his foot upon the floor. He found the all imaginary animal in his dream also. He was restless and continues talk about snake, insect in sleep. He suffered in fever with congestive headache at night. His head was hot and feet cool, mouth was dry, dry tongue also, thirst of cold water, face and eyes was red, pain in abdomen, all complain increasing in motion, noise and mainly at night. His stool and urine was not clear due to fear. So his appetite was less.

 He was suffering in this fear and anxiety seven days before when he return from his grandfather house of maternal side. He was standing the roof of second floor of his grandfather house. He saw that about fifty meter distance of his grandfather house – 

A big black mother cobra about 8 fits to 9 fits, with her 7 baby cobra running here and there. The snake was loss her home due to destroy of a big wall made by soil for making a new building by some labour.

  Many people were slowly gathered after hearing news of poisonous cobra bite of a labour. The child think about the poisonous snake, if he present in front of that wall, snake bite him and he may die.

 So that news of snake bite was affect in his mind, which converts into phobic anxiety disorder after one or two days happing of that incidence.

Case taking :-

Name: – A. Dutta                                            Age: – 8 year

S/O:- Mr .S. Dutta                                          Sex :– Male

Address: – Raipur, Chhattisgarh                 Occupation:– Student

Temperature:- 100oF                                     Pulse:- 98/minute

Height:- 3.8’ ft                                                 Weight: -12 kg

Patient was suffering in phobic anxiety disorders. He was suffering fear of bite of snake, incest or other animal. He had hallucination of black snake, black animal or insect. He was suffering in fever, headache with hot red head and eyes, stool and urine was not clear, pain abdomen and loss of appetite. Dry tongue, dry mouth, thirst of cold water. All complain increase at night, movement and noise, decrease at early morning.

Mental general:-   Anxiety, severe fear, phobia of snake, hallucination of snake, black insect or animal, all animals are sudden come and sudden goes in front of his eyes, delirium, change in personality.

Physical general :- Fever, congestive headache, head is hot, feet’s are cool , red face , red eyes, dryness in mouth, dry tongue, thirst of cold water, pain abdomen.

History :- N/A

F/History :- N/A

Aggravation :- All symptoms are aggravated at night, worse in motion and noise.

Amelioration :- Symptoms are relief in taking rest, in early morning.

Repertory :-


Selection of medicine :- 

After case taken and repertorisation I select the medicine Belladonna. My first prescription was Belladonna 6.

Follow up :-

1. Frist prescription was Belladonna 6 B.D. for two days & placebo. After two days patient come then fever was relief but other symptoms still present.

2. Second follow up was Belladonna 6 T.D.S. and placebo in same order for two days. After two days patient come again then all physical symptoms are gone but anxiety remain.

3. Third follow up was Belladonna 30 B.D. for two days with placebo. After two days later patient come again, at that time fear, phobia some relief and other physical symptoms also relief.

4. Forth follow up was Belladonna 200, 1 dose & placebo 2 days. After two days later patient came again, then I found change his mind, all anxiety related symptoms were gone.

5. Fifth follow up was repetition Belladonna 200 & placebo 2 days. After two days patient was far better than before.

6. Sixth follow up was Belladonna 1M, 1dose placebo for 3 days. After 3 days patient became fully normal.

7. Seventh follow up was placebo for 3 days. After 3 days patient started his normal life.

Conclusion :- Belladonna manage phobic anxiety disorder.


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