Homeopathy treatment of Cancer with the Banerji Protocols with specific medicines in specific potencies

cancerPrasanta Banerji and Pratip Banerji 
Prasanta Banerji Homeopathic Research Foundation, India 

The use of specific medicines in specific potencies, in fixed dosage patterns, eliminates the necessity for any guess work on the part of novice practitioners and is always a tremendous help for even seasoned doctors. Our approach is more diagnostic than individualistic, i.e. more objective than subjective. These protocols are easy to learn and since the focus is on the diagnostic approach the case-taking time is shortened. That is why it is easy to disseminate to medical students and the general public. In a short time more patients can be treated.

Consequently, it also makes the treatment affordable to the weaker sections of society, making it “The People’s Medicine.” For any scientific medical system it is a rule that  interventions should be repeated with almost the same result – meaning, a treatment should have replicability – and the Banerji Protocols fulfill this criterion.

Download the protocol 


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