Homeopathy Research Institute Conference at Barcelona

Don’t miss the opportunity to join colleagues from more than 30 countries at the inaugural Homeopathy Research Institute Conference | Barcelona 2013.

Cutting Edge Research in Homeopathy

On 31 May – 2 June 2013

Learn the latest and understand the challenges faced by homeopathy researchers.

Homeopathy research is not just about demonstrating that it’s more than placebo; homeopathy research is about informing the homeopathy and medical professions.

Take away key recommendations and knowledge to inform your organisations, practice or research.

Attend our afternoon of ‘Research for Beginners Workshops’ with experts in research education – Kate Chatflield, Dr Clare Relton, Dr Elizabeth Thompson and Dr Stephan Baumgartner. A rare opportunity to learn how to understand research papers, write a protocol, understand clinical trial design and get a handle on the basics of the basic science! Download workshop programme

In the Conference Programme hear from:
Jeremy Sherr,
Tanzania and Alastair Gray, Australia who will be sharing their latest insights into provings. Dr Ghada Alsaleh from France looks at in vitro testing of highly diluted cytokines and specific nucleotide acid sequences applied in micro-immunotherapy for rheumatoid arthritis. Dr Sandra Salles from Brazil describes a protocol for prevention and treatment of dengue fever and its complications.

Dr David Brule of Canada charts the feasibility and design of an open label pilot study of homeopathic treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Dr Laurence Terzan from France looks at the impact in term of public health of the sleep, anxiety and depressive disorders management by physicians prescribing homeopathic medicine in France. Dr Wilkens of Germany reports on a cohort study on the treatment of nervous complaints and exhaustion with the homeopathic medicinal product Manuia. Dr Thomas Ostermann, Germany describes in-vitro experiments to investigate the effects of homeopathic drugs for chronic aggressive periodontitis by lymphocyte migration activity.

Dr José Enrique Eizayaga, from the Universidad Maimonides in Argentina. He examines, sensitivity, specificity and likelihood ratio of symptoms in patients with good therapeutic response to Lycopodium, compared to patients with good response to treatment with other homeopathic medicines.

Dr Lex Rutten, from the Netherlands explores different statistical traditions. Because RCT evidence does not allows other conclusions, the patient can only expect a yes-or-no statement about efficacy of conventional medicines. But this answer might still be false in his particular case. Other factors, like correct diagnosis, genetic susceptibility and comorbidity, also determine if the medicine works. The diagnostic process preceding the prescription is Bayesian and renders the probability of a specific diagnosis.

Other speakers include

  • Theodoros Lilas, Greece. Assessment of a new decision support expert system in headaches cases
  • Dr KC Muraleedharan, India. Effectiveness of homoeopathic medicines in HIV patients – a clinical trial
  • Dr Srinivasulu Gadugu, India. An open observational study on efficacy of miasmatic prescription in the prevention of Japanese encephalitis
  • Dr Miek Jong, The Netherlands. Effectiveness of complex homeopathic medicinal products in the treatment of children with painful teething
  • Dr Christien Klein-Laansma, The Netherlands. Towards an evidence-based homeopathic treatment for PMS
  • Dr Ramona Jurcau, Romania. The influence of Aconitum Napellus versus placebo on anxiety and salivary cortisol, in stress induced by intense and short term physical effort
  • Dr Jürgen Pannek, Switzerland. Use of homeopathy for prophylaxis of urinary tract infections in patients with neurogenic bladder dysfunction
  • Dr Shaik Shamsur Rahman, UAE. Clinical trial of lipoma

More details : http://www.hribarcelona2013.org/

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