Homeopaths should see opportunity in every difficulty

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Article originally published in sovainer published by Hahnemannian homeopathy foundation. Cherthala

A case of 106 Lakhs Pseudomonas bacilli per ml of urine
A lady aged 35 years came to our clinic with the complaint of recurrent UTI since last one years and undergone  different modalities since last 1 year.

Pain usually at the close of urination. So we suspected that it may be case of cystitis.

We examined and cultured the urine

Urine R/E  – Pus 10-12

Urine culture : 106 Lakhs Pseudomona bacilli/ml urine

This bacilli is resistant to many allopathic medicines like Genta mycin, Norfloxacin,Ciprofloxacin, Ofloxacin etc…

Based on the available symptom we had prescribed Sulphur 10M and repeated the Urine culture after 15 days.

Report Shows : No presence of bacteria in the given sample.

Symptoms : In addition to the dysuria, patient has heaviness of head,pain in the right knee aggravation on squatting, risining from sitting, with cracks in knee . Chronic leucorrhoea aggravates before and after menses, which is milky white with itching – for this she tried lot of Allopathy and Ayurveda. Tenia versicolor on the back. Vertigo with double vision.

All these complaints also ameliorated much with this medicine

Conclusion : Never be afraid on Diagnostic terminologies. But treat on symptom similiarity. Homeopathy is effective in acute and pathological conditions.

A case of Glioblastoma Multiforme
A  rare but serious disease in which patient dies within 3 months after  diagnosis. RCC Trivandrum discharged this patient  without any medication and assured the relatives that she will die soon.

This patient of 47 years was admitted in our hospital (Govt. Homeopathic Medical college. Calicut) on 13.11.2009.

CT head shows – Mixed density mass lesion with perilesional edema in the Rt. High parietal region with metastasis.

Diagnosis : Glioblastoma multiforme

Available symptoms :Patient presented with weakness of lowerlimbs since two month. Dimness of vision with aching pain over right eye .She feels weakness of left upperlimb also some times. No pain or numbness in the affected area. She had Cancer of left breast, mastectomy done. Known diabetic since few years. Thermally chilly patient. Fastidious in nature.

  • Optic nerve – visual field normal on Lt but diminished in Rt eye
  • Triceps jerk exaggerated on Lt side
  • Motor system – Tone and power of muscle diminished in both upper and lowerlimbs. 

Rubrics selected :

  • Mind . Fastidious
  • Generals. Cancerous affections
  • Extremities – Wweakness – Paralytic
  • Urine – Sugar
  • Eye – Pain close must
  • Stomach – desire meat 

Remedies : Phos, Ars, Calc.c, Causticum

After analyzing the reportorial result and reference with material medica, we had selected the remedy Cal.Carb.

14.11.09 Calc.c 30/1d

Started  Physiotherapy also in the same week.

Repeated the same potency on 21.11.09, 28.11.09, 09.12.09 and 14.12.09

Observed  great improvement to all complaints.

At the time of  discharge (18.01.10)  we had  prescribed Cal.c 200 1 dose

The patient is still alive without any complications

Conclusion : Even though we cannot cure completely advanced cancer cases, we can palliate to a great extend. Bringing life  into days and also days into life.

Message : Homeopaths should see opportunity in every difficulty but not  difficulty in every opportunity. 

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