Gun powder : a great homoeopathic remedy to save amputation in a critical septic gangrene case

homeo1Prof. (Dr.) Samarendra  Prasad  Mishra
B.H.M.S(Hons), M.D.(Hom) Materia Medica, Utkal.
Ex. Prof.-Dept. of  Materia Medica,  Maharana Pratap  Homoeopathic      Medical  College,    Raipur, C.G.

GUN POWDER It  is a lesser  known remedy but very  useful in  clinical practice. This is a sure, reliable & quick acting medicine which never fails if applied in proper way. DrHenry Clarke, M.D. has extensively described its characteristics & usefulness in his book as-Gun powder as a war remedy  in 1915.

Here we are presenting few cases successfully treated with homeopathy remedy gunpowder

Download full case reports 

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