Government of Kerala draft public health act 2009

healthSuggestions  invited on draft public health act for Kerala

An Act makes provision for advancing the Public Health of State of Kerala.

Preamble: WHEREAS it is expedient to make provision for advancing the Public Health of State of Kerala and to unify and amend the existing laws relating to the Public Health, it is here by enacted as follows:

1.Short  t itle  and  ex tent .-  (1)  This  Act  may be  called  The Kerala Public Health Act 2009. (2) It extends to the whole State of Kerala.

2. Commencement : It  shall  come in to force on such date as the government may by notification in  the official Gazette, appoint

3.  Def init ions: In this Act, unless the contest otherwise requires

(1) “Aggrieved p erson” means any person who can make an application for grievance under the Act or  rules, and includes

          a. User of the service; or

          b. Person designated by the user ; or c.  An adult member of the family; or

          d. Guardian of the user, in case of user being a minor ; or
e.In event  of the  death of the  user  or  his/her  being incapacitated due to existing physical/  mental/  emotional  state rendering him/her incapable to designate, a person willing to take up the responsibility for the user.

          f.  Any person/persons whose collective community rights are violated.

Download the act draft :

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