Glimpses over the years – Clinical Tips in Homeopathy

doctor-baby-picDr Saveesh Kumar
Random thoughts over the years of Homoeopathic practice focus on many glittering areas of success and a few dark shades of disappointment. These clinical experiences are being presented to enlighten our brethren-the new comers into the arena – to take advantage of the success and to avoid the pit-falls.

In the very early years of practice in 1983,an indelible impression was created by RATANHIA 30’s ability to control TOOTHACHE of PREGNANCY in a lady who was on pain killers over the last few days. This was again verified over the next year.

Speaking of the power of Homoeo medicines to control pain takes me back to my student years when ! could witness CALC_CARB 30. a single pellet, keeping away the agonizing pains of CANCERjn_3_CA Cheek patient, who, again was on painkillers every 4th or 5th hours. Of course, even if Calc carb 30 could not cure advanced CA Cheek it could be the best palliative. In post herpetic neuralgia, another extremely painful disorder, Mezerium 30/200 could mitigate the patients’suffering in a few hours. It is only worthy to emphasize here on the pain control exercised by BELLADONNA 200, MAG PHOS 50M and VIBURNUM OPULIS 30 in many a case of DYSMENORRHOEA, where the underlying cause were congestive, spasmodic, and even endometriosis. Even as a student of science, I could experience the marvel of GELSEMIUM 200 and PSORINUM CM in controlling the pain and frequency of MIGRAINOUS HEADACHES. The efficacy of KALI BICH 200 in arresting the pains of ACUTE SINUSITIS also deserves mention. In sinusitis and upper respiratory infections, the simple advice of steam inhalation is also very much rewarding,

FEVER, one of the most common clinical presentations, is encountered in everyday practice throughout the year. RHUS TOX dominates in WET weather, GELSEMIUM in SUMMER and BRYONIA in WINTER.

BAPTISIA 200 is remarkable in fever of more than 5 days duration. SULPHUR or OPIUM, the intercurrents in acute cases, have been serviceable in acute febrile disorders in cutting short the duration. OPIUM 30 is an effective aid in putting a stop to FEBRILE CONVULSION in children; STRAMONIUM 1000 and 10M given at intervals, help in tiding over the tendency to febrile fits. Selecting remedies according to the time of onset of fever is successful – Eg, in a case of fever of 105°F, which set in at around 10-11 a.m., NAT MUR 200 could bring down the temperature to normal in a couple of hours; PULSATILLA in cases waking up with fever in early morning and BRYONIA when the temperature rises between 8 – 9 p.m.

PYROGEN is to be remembered in fever associated with a focus of pus formation anywhere in the body. In the present Fever epidemic prevalent in South-India, many a disaster could be averted with the administration of medicines like GELSEMIUM, RHUSTOX, INFLUEN-ZINUM and EUPATORIUM according to symptom totality, These medicines have the advantage of curing gently without the complications like bone-marrow depression or shock, commonly seen as a cause of death in fever cases.

RECURRENT RESPIRATORY INFECTION in children is another field which has brought lau rels for Homoeopathy. Upper Respiratory infections like common cold and associated complications like tonsillitis, otitis media have been cured by medicines like Belladonna, Merc.sol, Heparsulph, Pulsatilla, Tuberculinum and Psorinum. Recurrence of cases of CSOM has been controlled by these medicines. Many a case of Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy could be avoided. In LOWER RESPIRATORY infections like Asthmatic Bronchitis, Pneumonia and Bronchiolitis, medicines like Apis mel. Kali Carb, Phosphorus, Tuberculinum and lodum are reliable. Once the acute condition has subsided, the clearing up can be effected by
Antim tart. PNEUMONIA is a disease which can carry a high mortality. If medicines give little or no response in 12-24 hours, reference to higher centers with more facilities is to, be advised.

Deaths have been witnessed due to improper selection or too little administration of the indicated remedy and going on blindly with over confidence.

BRONCHIAL ASTHMA in many children responds to medicines like IPECAC 3X followed by CUPRUM ARS 200 and later by complemen tary remedies or nosodes. In others, Pulsatilla 1000 or 10M has proved useful. Oxygen administration and other accessory aids have become necessary in still others. In people on Allopathic medication, only gradual tapering of these medicines, based on improvement, should be made.

Dietary restrictions of certain animal proteins and preservatives like sodium meta bi sulphite for a period can help in rapid control of recurrence. Just as Ipecac, Cup. ars and Spongia help in asthma with predominant cough, Nat. ars helps in cases where sneezing predominates. Tuberculinum/Bacillinum, Sulphur and Psorinum in that ordergiven at intervals help in overcoming many a food allergy leading to Asthma.

ECZEMA, in general, responds to Sulphur;to Ars alb when there is raw bleeding areas, and to Hepar sulph when pus and pain dominate. Of course, all medicines in 50 millescimal scales – O/3 – 0/20 are needed and with proper adherence to dietary restrictions – avoiding sea food, wheat and nuts for 3 – 6 wks or more if found necessary. Saline compresses in acute cases of “weeping” Eczema would do much help.

In ACUTE URTICARIA, differ-enciation of medicines like Sulphur, Apis mel, Ars alb and Rhustox provides the answer in majority of cases. In a few, as for those occuring after meat, Antim crud comes ofuse.Ofcourse, avoiding animal proteins and wheat, during attacks, gives a speedy control. Constitutional correction, as in other allergies, is to be made.

ALLERGIC RHINITIS is mostly controlled by Sulphur, Amm. Carb, Causticum, all of which have a morning aggravation. Pulsatilla, Nat. ars, Ars.alb, Ars iod, Sabadilla and lodum are others to be differenciated. Nasal polyp and Hypertrophied nasal turbinate disappear once the allergy subsides. ALLERGIC PHARYNGITIS has almost a specific in Wyethia.

In alimentary disorders, FOOD POISONING is often controlled by Ars alb. If fever and offensive diarrhoea persist, Baptisia and Carbo veg come into picture. PEPTIC ULCER is readily controlled  by Nux. vom, Sulphur, Calc phos, Lycopodium,Puls, Arg-nit, Robinia, Acid sulph or other indicated medicines, with Nat-phos 6X as a homoeopathic antacid (sos), provided the 5 ‘s’ of general management are attended to namely avoiding Spices, Spirit, Smoking, Stress and Sleeplessness.

ACUTE CHOLECYSTITIS, SUB ACUTE APPENDICITIS and APPEN-DICULAR MASSES respond to Hepar Sulph 10M, Mere. Sol 10M with Belladonna 1000 as supportive.In many cases, surgery could be avoided. Sulphur, Lyco, etc., help in preventing recurrence of inflammation of the vestigial organ.

ACUTE CHOLECYSTITIS has responded to Calc, Lyco, Phosph etc. The Ultra Sound Scanshowed reduction of size and disappearance of stone in some cases. Chionanthus Q, Berberis vulgaris Q etc., have been of service.

Inflammatory bowel diseases and Irritable bowel syndrome have come under the regime of Homoeopathy.

The distressing problem of many HAEMORRHOIDS can be confidently approached with Calc. flour 200 or Acid fluor 200 in the vast majority of cases, as they are the prime remedies for varicosity. Only occasionally do we need Sulphur, Hamamelis, Paeonia Q etc.,

URINARY TRACT INFECTION has been a challenge on many occasions, Cantharis, Ars alb, Thuja, Mere Sol, etc are serviceable to some extent, but a flow chart in this condition has to be worked out. The distressing pain and deathly nausea of URETERIC COLIC have been helped by TABACUM 30. Along with constitutional medicines, drainage remedies like Hydrangia Q, or Berberisvulg. Q have been serviceable.

In SYSTEMIC HYPERTENSION, Calc. ars. more aptly fits in the Sulph – Calc – Lye – Sulph.chain. Aurum met is more indicated in cardiomegaly and when ischaemic signs have set in. Short remedies like Rauwolfea Q, Allium sat.Q may be required to achieve a rapid control.

IN DIABETES MELLITUS, early detection and treatment offer the best prospects. All the nine 3 mark remedies of Kent and the extra 3 organ remedies given by M. L. Tyior, give us 12 stalwarts in the fight against Diabetes. Acid Phos 200in a simple case of Diabetes mellitus and Tarentula 30 in Diabetes with pyoderma come to mind as the forerunners. Differentiation of the 5 Hindusthan drugs helps to establish further support; Cephalandra Indica and Kalmegh for examples.Scientific regulation of diet and regimen are inevitable to achieve better control and cure.

The ability of Spongia in curing a cae of THYROID ADENOMA and BRONCHIAL ASTHMA in an elderly lady was also captivating. ADENOMA thyroid has also responded beautifully to Nat mur,Calc iod etc.,

OVARIAN CYSTS subsiding under Aurum met; FIBROID UTERUS responding to Thuja, Calc carb, Calc. fluor. etc., could also be experienced.

Parasitic infestations like ENTEROBIASIS being rapidly controlled by Teucrium and if necessary by Scirrhinum, have been amazing. Likewise, infections like CELLULITIS have been cured by Lachesis 200 within 48 hours! Fresh injuries requiring suture have been handled successfully with Hypericum 200 locally and internally.

TUMOURS, including Gliomas, Menin gioma, Hepatomas and Pulmonary Adenomas have been arrested or cured with medicines like Calc carb, Thuja and Phosphorus

A recollection, like this of clinical experience over the years may not be exhaustive. Still, the most impressive ones have been portrayed. Sharing our clinical observations would go a long way in amassing the vast treasure of Homoeopathy

Dr Saveesh Kumar.
Dept of Practice of Medicine.
Govt. Homoeopathic Medical College.Trivandrum.9 Kerala


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