Free radar Opus 2.0 Webinar on 7 Dec 2017

Free radar Opus Webinar on 7 Dec 2017

9am CET,1.30pm Indian Time

4pm CET, 8.30pm Indian Time

Faculty : Frederik Schroyens & Carlo Rezzani


This webinar will walk through a case from A to Z, using RadarOpus 2.0.

Dr. Schroyens and Dr. Rezzani will show how symptoms can be found, taken and analyzed with a few mouse clicks.

As well as how the information can be easily saved and retrieved.

Also several ways to process symptoms will be highlighted to address different needs the user may have.

During the webinar some of the new benefits/features of RadarOpus 2.0 will be shown.

Participants will be advised to have a “fast and stable” Internet connection. As you may know, this means 10 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up. However, our last test showed that even 3 Mbps down is OK to listen because of configuring the Indian server. Use the faster direct connection (WiFi is often slower).

If they run Firefox, you may need to have updated version of Adobe Flash installed. Chrome does not require this. I would suggest using CHROME BROWSER

We will activate the webinar 15 minutes before the agreed time so anyone can test, look around and gear up for the event.

Registration link : Copy paste

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