Five days workshop Dr Ajit Kulkarni in Israel

SeminarWe have received a treasure of knowledge, bibliography to go with, that we have to read and study well in order to fathom the depth of knowledge that we wish to learn from Dr. Kulkarni in the future.

Some sixty Israeli homeopaths that have had the opportunity to attend fifty or more seminars by renowned homeopaths have participated in this workshop. I personally would like to point out an extraordinary five days ‘Workshop on Homeopathy‘, that has taken place in Tel-Aviv at the Tel-Hashomer hospital in Israel in August of 2004 with Dr. Ajit Kulkarni from Satara, India.

It all started with a seminar on Sunday and Dr. Ajit began with ‘Body Language and Homoeopathy.’ Backed by logic and scientific approach, he explained a lot of gestures, postures etc. along with their interpretations, video clips, homoeopathic co-relation and illustrative cases. He presented a video case of a girl, aged eight years, who was taking the posture of sitting on the chair, with learning forward and arms on the desk with head within the arms and depressed countenance throughout the interview. It all started when her close friend left her. Her performance in school dropped down, she became irritable and refused to mix in the school. A dose of Platina 1M transformed the girl and Dr. Ajit showed us through two subsequent video clips the lively, cheerful girl. She was relaxed in the chair, smiling beautifully and singing a song. In the post-lunch session Dr. Ajit gave some cases of Aristolochia clematis and Streptococcinum. He showed through cases and remedy relations how these small remedies are at par with polychrest remedies.

After the break, Dr. Ajit showed a video case of ‘Astrocytoma.‘ The patient was operated twice within two years and prognosis was very poor in view of Grade III. After second surgery, patient developed right hemiplegia with no power in the limbs. Dr. Ajit visited the case, took all the details and gave a single does of Carc. 30. The subsequent three follow-up video clips demonstrated remarkable improvement. There was no dragging of right foot, no lagging behind of right foot while walking and a good general improvement. The discussion then focused on whether one can prescribe Carc. 30 in active cancer cases.

The group was then exposed to a live case. Dr. Ajit took a live case and demonstrated us a remarkable way of interrogation. He taught many interview techniques and utilized them so nicely that the case, which began with a simple heaviness of the lower limbs, came out as a fully developed psychosomatic case where all deeper recesses of mind were explored. Dr. Ajit discussed then the data – processing part at length and why he selected ‘Silicea’ as a chronic constitutional remedy. His comparative study of Materia Medica was profound and we all got the feeling that time is too short to listen to this profound homoeopath.

Clinical medicine, Materia Medica, miasmatic linkage, analysis of obvious remedies that failed and the ultimate analysis of the one that cured, was poured out in the most eloquent way. Young novices, and veteran homeopaths, who have the experience of some good twenty years have sat drinking the information from what we felt is a source of vast knowledge and excellent doctoring from every medical, human and especially homeopathic wide scoped point of view. And this, including not just the remedies analysis, but analysis from what seemed to us the beginning of cause and effect, the miasmatic taints and a whole well versed scope of relating to clinical affinities, progression of disease treatment in view of the precious time at hand in the acute suffering, through stages of healing, future necessary intermediary and chronic treatment as tied to the prognosis of the healed acute patient.

Especially striking was the morning with an acute case of a 2nd degree burn that occurred the previous day to a fourteen-year old patient who has taken a constitutional remedy just three days prior to the mishap.I would have liked to repeat here the whole case and detailed lecture on burns and remedies to be used, but unfortunately due to the reasons of publishing rights of this seminar I am unable to do so. Thus, I would like to describe the instructional way of discussion that we have had in this acute case vis-à-vis burns in general, and of course a myriad of indications for remedies, from Aconite through Sulph, Kali-bi, Merc., Bell., Hepar, Stram, Ferrum-phos., Causticum and Opium. As I recite the remedies I can say that without any books, without any preparation for this acute case, it all streamed smoothly and coherently from our teacher, and some fifty homeopaths, a good number of whom are very accomplished and experienced in their work followed with amazement this very smooth treatment of the accidental subject at hand. The acute case analysis of the burn was done by telephone only, was given Stram. 30C. The follow up of the next day was excellent.

The last session was on MM. Dr. Ajit presented a case of Sepia and then he went on to describe chemical ingredients of Sepia viz. Melanin, Sulphur, Magnesium, Calcium and Zincum. He contemplated on excess and deficiency of each ingredient and co-related this material with data in Materia Medica. The group received a new way of study of MM. We have learned the exciting MM of DNA, a remedy new to us and the enlightening DD with Carcinocin that ensued. We are using so much Carcinocin in Israel; this epidemy-miasm is very strong here. A western country with Asian Moslem belligerence, high tech, versus economical religious and social and cultural stress this DNA may be a saver for whom Carcinocin did not do the expected.

It was presented through following points:
1. DNA Structure
2. DNA Function
3. DNA Form
4. Doctrine of Signatures
5. Proving data of DNA
6. Concepts out of proving data
7. Dr. Ajit’s clinical cases of DNA
8. Personality study of DNA
9. Clinical applicability
10. Differential world of materia medica.

The next day we had the opportunity to see the case taking of an acute conjunctivitis that turned out to be a sub-acute affair of every summer needing Arg-nit. There was nothing clearer than the synthesis and outline that was given in this case, whom we saw pale and wretched in the morning and at noon the patient was all marvels of this quick change in her situation and beaming with smiles, one dose of 30 C did it.

We viewed the case taking and analysis of a 4 year old with an inborn dysfunction of both kidneys. The analysis was brilliant and an outline from pregnancy to the future treatment was also laid out before us, concerning the miasmatic consideration and the prognosis concerning the treatment and quality of life expected in the case. Days will tell the outcome of this case but the hope for change was a definite feeling and safe. There was hardly any challenge against Plumbum metallicum selected in this case; the conclusion followed a close analysis of seemingly indicated remedies that were ruled out in a very convincing manner.

The feeling throughout this workshop was one of complete confidence in the workmanship of healing, the information was pouring out – a river of knowledge. Many of us have problems with acutes and we felt the hand of a virtuoso master of tough acutes here, sharing with us honestly the downfalls, his own too, so the learning was wide scoped stretched out to the necessary limits of a case at hand, and the ultimate lesson learned from it. We have plenty of active study to do until our next workshop in December.

Some of the above participants just became acquainted with the book of Materia Medica – A Select Homoeopathic Materia Medica – Dr. Kulkarni wrote with his master teacher Dr. P.I. Tarkas, it contains one hundred remedies. In this very special MM, unique in its layout, allows one, who knows this specific layout, to view with a glance, the main affinities and modalities of a remedy and then when time allows a deeper study of a refreshed summary of every region and generalities some of the details are very new and interesting. The concise view, but one of no less depth and complete in formation, the emphasis here is on the study of clinical action of the remedies, of some new clinical aspects and their relations to the remedy and a detailed, interesting, widely backed up analysis of relations to other remedies. Very careful and bold analysis of these relations in was treated in a few other writings by Dr. Kulkarni on remedy families, such as the Kali family, Mercurius family, the Ferrum family. It seems to me that future MM will take this example of originality and carefully and cleverly thought out layout.

The lecture on the Ferrum family was a song to Dr. Kulkarni and to us as well we looked at the Ferrum anew. The ability to spring from the circumference to the center depth, and again out to similar families, to other remedies is both obvious and genial in its clear plain reason. If studied well, will lead a homeopath to be a highly skilled prescriber. Dr. Kulkarni is a highly skilled homeopath that is likewise gifted in handing out his in depth knowledge.

The last session of question – answer was very interesting. A lot of questions of clinical practice were asked for and Dr. Ajit ably dealt with each question. He gave a lot of references – books, journals etc.

We have received a treasure of knowledge, bibliography to go with, that we have to read and study well in order to fathom the depth of knowledge that we wish to learn from Dr. Kulkarni in the future.

The participants thanked Via Homeopatica and Ronen for calling Dr. Ajit kulkarni who really gave a wonderful seminar at Tel Aviv.
Henia Simone, RCHom
Jaffa, Israel

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