Farokh Master Seminars in New York, San Francisco, Carlsbad, Minnesota

mansoor (1098)Dr Farokk J Master’s Homoeopathy Seminar at New York, San Francisco, Carlsbad, Minnesota

Date: 3rd-4th October
Location: Central Library Auditorium in downtown Buffalo
Treating Advanced Pathologies with Homeopathy – Underlying Principles and Concepts
Full information from arup_2000@yahoo.com

Date: 11th-12th October
Location: Dr. Norman Suhu, New York
An Advanced Level Course on Case Management
Full information from Dr. Norman Suhu or Dr. Rukshin Master

Date: 16th-18th October
Location: San Francisco
Case Management Strategies
Full information from Homeopathy Institute of the Pacific or critina@HomeopathyIP.org

Date: 23rd-25th October
Location: Carlsbad
Advanced Level Course in Case Management
Full information from Hahnemann Institute of California  or Rin

Date: 30th October-1st November
Location: Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy, Minnesota
Homeopathy for Advanced Pathologies and Cancer Cases
Full information from owens.suj@gmail.com

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