Exhibition and conference on education @ New Delhi

On 5 -6 April 2012

At Pragati Maidan New Delhi

Building Future Education (BFE) India is an international event and conference, covering every tier of education including pre-schools, schools, universities, colleges, research and special needs. BFE India brings all of those involved in education together from the private and public sectorS including; facilities, operations, management, reform, technology, design & build, investment and education suppliers.

The BFE series of events brings together the world’s leading education providers and institutions. The Indian Education market is one of the major thrust areas of the Federal Government and it is expected to invest $100 Bln between 2012-2017. Furthermore the Government is planning to invest $20 Bln in Technology / ICT as well as an additional $30 Bln to be invested by the private sector into the K12 segment.

A further 800 private engineering colleges, 60 medicals colleges, 300 MBA colleges are planned to be opened in 2012. India is driving towards creating a knowledge based economy with education provision for all. India is now in a position to engage the private sector and foreign education providers in order to support India’s accelerating position as a global economic power. With the Right of Children to Free & Compulsory Education Act 2009 now being an inalienable part of the constitution, there is need for schools and people to build them.

BFE India will support the Indian Government’s investment to deliver a knowledge-oriented paradigm of development in partnership with the world’s leading private educational providers, institutions, professionals and investors covering every tier of education provision, reform and 21st Century learning environments.

Link : http://www.bfeindia.com/Default.aspx?refer=1

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