eHealth Customized Application for doctors and hospitals

eHealthopinion ( is a Medisoft Telemedicine Pvt. Ltd’s web or browser based telemedicine system. The portal exists since 2007. It is used by more than 13000 patients; from 325 registered doctors / hospital from 44 countries.

How it works: Patient prepares case, which is similar to that when patient represent case to doctor in conventional face to face visit. Patient shares medical data with you (Doctor) for your opinion.

Patient just needs internet connection to access application which resides on central server.

eHealthopinion for hospital and doctor
eHealthopinion for a doctor (or hospital) is a platform to connect with patients worldwide and to connect referring doctors with expert doctors for diagnosis, treatment, second opinion, follow up or education purpose.

From a practitioners stand-point, eHealthopinion comes as an integrated system of web and desktop technologies combined. The preliminary access of web version for doctor is free


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