DRUGSA2Z app to know everything about allopathy medicines

appsAndroid based drug database “DRUGSA2Z” on Google play which has all Indian drugs & brands as well as BRITISH & AMERICAN drug database also to make it first INTERNATIONAL DRUG DATABASE in the world.

Drugs A2Z – A Comprehensive Drug Index, Medicine Catalog, Formulation Guide & Quick Drug Reference with Complete Drug Information / Brand Information for Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists / Chemist, Hospitals / Critical Care Centers and for every common man who is careful about his health and well being.

There is on-the-go complete information / compilation of about 50,000 Medicine Brands / Medical Preparations [Trade Names] & 2500+ Drugs [Generic Names] from Indian Pharmacopeia, British Drug Formulary / BNF & US Pharmacopeia (FDA Drugs) with Complete Clinical / Pharmacological & Prescription Details of Drugs & Brands in Full Version of Drugs A2Z. Trial Version is restricted to limited Information.

Drugs A2Z – Contains almost double Contents in comparison to other known medical journals / Drug Indexes in the market. The information compiled by doctors is comprehensive yet concise & is useful for general public too apart from the healthcare workers.

It is very useful since it has complete information about medicines along with separate highlighted notes to show its safety in pregnancy, lactation, children , elderly, liver disease, renal disease & lung disease.

The cost is just 300/- Rs(free version also).

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