Dr Batras’ requires Homeopathic Consultants

Looking out for Homeopathic Consultant for new branches

At Bangalore & Pan India

Qualification: BHMS

Salary : Negotiable

Job Description & Desired Candidate Profile :
1) Good case taking
2) Good clinical and therapeutic knowledge
3) Knowledge to develop patient doctor relationship
4) Rational and logical understanding of human emotions and reactions
5) Good business driver
6) Independent and proactive
7) Decision making
8) Adaptable & Innovative
9) Good communication and listening skills, confident and presentable

If interested please forward your CV to hr3@drbatras.com
Web : www.drbatras.com   


  1. ye haalat dekh k 4line yaad aa gai-
    Bojh uthaana shok nahi,
    majburi ka sauda he,
    Station par rehte rehte,
    log Coolie ho ban jaate he.

    • dr. batra’s homoeopathy is only for business purpose.There is nothing link with the development of Homoeopathy.The same drugs we are giving to our patients in our clinic at a low cost.So dear friends,these businessman thinks BHMS doctors don’t have nothing to do and they don’t have any prestige. So don’t loose your dignity.

  2. I am given 2 interview, thy said bond for 4 year, with 4 lakhs money bond, and etc… what they think b.h.m.s doctor have prestige… I kick off this job

  3. Thanks for the information

    I have attended the Dr Batra’s interview.
    Kindly beware for the following terms and condition

    >1 Four year bond of Rs 6,24000 (six lacks …)
    >2 Salary 13k max (exp 2/5 years)
    >3 clinic time 8am to 8pm
    >Residence provided.

    I hope it is useful information

    • thank you sir for the useful information…i too have heared same things about dr batras….that is confirmed now…
      and one thing more…they create certain conditions that you can not complete your bond period and breakoff in between and suffer thereafter.

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